Redington Shuttle Pant
The Redington Shuttle Pant

The company line: "Our rough and tumble Shuttle pant is ready for whatever adventure you've got planned. With multiple pockets to hold all of your tools, winged gusseted crotch for awesome mobility and a reinforced seat, makes these pants your ultimate go-to. With two inseams for short and tall. Or tall and taller if you have a height complex."

Typically I wade wet. My standard gear includes a pair of quick-dry, lightweight pants that zip off at the knee with the bottoms removed over a pair of mid-weight polypropylene base layer bottoms. This is the “Kiwi style,” that I rather like. It keeps your legs protected from most hazards (including the sun), as well as the prickly bushes and trees anglers encounter along the banks and trails. The tight fitting base layer also dries relatively quickly and is drag free around the knees and ankles when in a quick moving river.

One of my buddies recently asked me during a day on the water, “What’s up with the tights?” Really? Tights? Satisfied with the same explanation I just provided, I decided I would give the Shuttle Pant a go in lieu of my regular gear.

What Works

Though they haven’t endured a full season yet, these things seem to be tough. I haven’t found any significant wear marks, tears or other abrasions after more than a week of heavy use. They are also built with mobility in mind and dry incredibly quickly for a garment of its substance. The material gives these a good amount of stretch when scrambling over obstructions on the river or trail – which I assume would also be the case if you find yourself up a ladder or scrambling around in awkward spaces while working on a project around the homestead.

These things don’t feel as good next to the skin as my favorite pair of Kuhl Revolvr’s (yes that’s really how the product name is spelled), but I don’t wade in those because I’m confident those Kuhl’s wouldn’t hold up without tearing quickly while wading, scrambling, bushwhacking, etc.

These things have enough pockets for about whatever you think you’d need pants pockets for including a stealthy side zippered security pocket, a side “tool port,” and side cargo pockets with Velcro flaps.

Final Word

Similar to the Redington Redibalance Crew we recently reviewed, if you’re in the market for a highly versatile pair of drawers that can stand up to the rigors of wet wading and time on the trail or in the shed, go ahead and buy a pair. I won’t stop you.


Own these as well. Very pleased.

Firstly, they are loud and crinkly feeling- noisy as all heck in the woods.
Secondly, DO Not put them in the dryer- they shrink terribly!!
I do not recommend these at all - but something else!