After the long overdue recent relaunch of their main web site, Sage is introducing a new blog and features section called "The Current". The site will be a source for gear-heads to get news on what Sage is currently up to from a gear perspective, but will also offer viewers quality content in the form of features on destinations as well as Sage-sponsored films.

The destinations are exotic, designed to make most fisherman salivate. While some are what you'd expect, such as Patagonia, others aren't. There is a current article on the Monami River in the Japan Alps as well as trip features from South Africa, Australia and the Indian Himalayas planned for this year. The photographs presented with each feature offer an often stunning view of these destinations, and the articles themselves offer insight into fishing and life in truly exotic locations that Sage calls some of the "world's best."

The videos, some of which you may have seen before, are of particularly high quality as well. In fact, these are films, not videos.

The addition of The Current seems likely to provide thirsty anglers with another source for quality content on the web. It is part of a continuing trend continues to pick up steam, one which will hopefully continue for some time.