Tenkara USA Water Filter

Tenkara USA is now offering a very affordable, effortlessly portable water filtration system aimed at fisherman that are looking to dump weight by not having to carry bottles of water for long days on the water. The total solution, which is comprised of a Tenkara USA branded Playtpus water bag and a cylindrical Aquamira filter, weighs in at a paltry 2.8 ounces. The filter is a no-pump, gravity-based filter that can be used standalone or with the included bottle.

Tenkara USA's Daniel Galhardo calls the solution the best portable water filtration solution he's found over many years of searching for a way to travel lighter and faster on the stream by shedding bulky water bottles. The Aquamira filter that drives the system is known elsewhere as the Frontier Pro and has been well-loved by backpackers and hikers for many years now. Aquamira states that the Frontier Pro removes of 99.9% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia.

As noted, the filter can be used by itself to drink directly from the stream (similar to drinking through a straw) or can be coupled with the included bag to filter larger volumes of water more quickly. When not in use, the flexible plastic bottle/bag compresses tightly and wraps around the filter into a neat and tidy, stashable form factor.

Tenkara USA Water Filter

The Frontier Pro also has a reputation for being long lasting and offering generous flow rates. That latter bit may be of particular interest to those of you who have tried other on-the-go filtration systems such as Katadyn's MyBottle, which are not only bulkier and pricier, but often disappoint thanks to their frustrating flow rates and clogging issues (ours quit 24 hours into a 5-day backcountry trip in Yellowstone National Park).

You can read more about the Tenkara USA branded system on the Tenkara USA blog.


I had a pretty lousy experience with the Katahdyn bottles too (red one). After a couple of days of use it would take a ridiculous amount of suction to pull water through the filter/nozzle.

Took it back and sort of gave up on portable water filtration.

At 30 bux, I'm definitely willing to give this one a shot, though.