RIO Outbound Short Shooting Head intermediate/clear
The RIO Outbound Short Shooting Head saltwater fly line in clear/intermediate (1.5-2ips sink).

RIO's Outbound Short series of saltwater fly lines has some big fans. Our own Mike Sepelak reviewed the Outbound Short S3, proclaiming himself "hooked" on the line after only two outings. All the lines in the series are characterized by a short, aggressive front taper to cast big flies with ease.

RIO announced yesterday that it was expanding the series further by adding a selection of 16 shooting head lines. According to RIO, the new saltwater Outbound Short Shooting Heads have a "front-loaded weight distribution [that] quickly loads rods, while the step down taper at the back allows for very long flight times and easy distance."

RIO Outbound Short Shooting Head line profile.
An example of the Outbound Short Shooting Head line profile, showing the short head and aggressive taper (8wt floating head shown).

The heads are all weighted a full 2 sizes above AFTM standards, so there's no need to over-line your rod. The heads are designed for water temperatures of 50-80° F. The Outbound Short Shooting Heads are available in weights 7-10 from full floating, to a sink rate of 1.5-2 inches per second (ips), 3-4ips and 6-7ips. Full floating lines are moss colored; 1.5-2ips are clear, 3-4ips are brown, and 6-7ips are black Each head also has RIO's "Easy ID" loop at the front end for quick recognition.

The new lines are available immediately from RIO dealers everywhere for a retail price of $44.95.