RIO intros new InTouch Salmo/Steelhead fly line

RIO continues expansion of its InTouch lineup
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Over the last few years, RIO has been gradually expanding its lineup of fly lines built on top of its ConnectCore technology, lines which it typically bear the InTouch moniker. The latest addition to the InTouch lineup, RIO's InTouch Salmo/Steelhead line, is more than just an existing line updated to include ConnectCore, it is a wholly redesigned offering for the salmon and steelhead fisherman.

RIO's ConnectCore is one of those technologies that may sound gimmicky, but which many experienced anglers increasingly swear by. The premise is simple; InTouch lines are built on a core that stretches less, and as a result offer increased sensitivity and quicker hook sets. And the linemaker isn't promising marginal improvements on these front. According to the folks at RIO, ConnectCore reduces the 30 percent line stretch commonly found in most fly lines to 6 percent in the InTouch lines.

The RIO InTouch Salmo/Steelhead line is designed for single-hand anglers, but for those who like to fish a style more commonly associated with two-handed setups — think long casts, big flies and swinging presentations. In order to accommodate those anglers, RIO has essentially doubled-down on the design philosophy — a long head and rear taper for easier mending, rear weight distribution for single-handed Spey casts and easier roll casts and a "bullet" front taper for help handling big and heavy flies — that went into its previous salmon/steelhead line. The new line has a shorter head (52' from 66') and thus a more aggressive rear weight distribution and rear taper.

The RIO InTouch Salmon/Steelhead fly line.</div>
The RIO InTouch Salmon/Steelhead fly line.

The RIO InTouch Salmo/Steelhead is also constructed with a more supple coldwater-friendly coating that will help prevent the line from becoming overly stiff in the often ice-cold waters commonly associated with steelhead and salmon fishing.

This line is available from WF6F through WF10F in a moss/yellow coloring, it includes all of the other overly-named features you'd expect in a modern fly line and retails for $84.95.