RIO Indicator II fly line
The RIO Indicator II fly line.

RIO recently announced the latest update to its diverse series of fly lines for trout fisherman with its Indicator II fly line. Redesigned for 2014, RIO calls the Indicator II line the "perfect line for fishing indicator rigs."

The line is designed with an extra-long head that is roughly 25% longer than the typical weight-forward fly line which, according to RIO, allows for easier mending and line control. The long head is combined with a short front taper, to aid in turning over heavy rigs.

The Indicator II also features a red, high-visibility, high-floating indicator tip designed to make spotting even subtle takes a simpler task. The line also includes other features commonly found on RIO's fly lines, such as a dual-color system (gray/green) to aid in casting and front and rear welded loops to speed up line rigging as well as RIO's MaxCast, MaxFloat and Agent X technologies.

RIO Indicator II Line Profile
Example line profile (WF7W) for the RIO Indicator II fly line.

The RIO Indicator II fly line is available immediately from RIO authorized dealers for $74.95.