Orvis Silver Sonic Waterproof Pocket

Orvis makes an inexpensive, useful, disaster-saving accessory that, for some unknown reason, seems to go virtually unmentioned. Inside each pair of Orvis Silver Sonic waders is a waterproof pouch, which Orvis calls the Silver Sonic Waterproof Pocket. Though the pocket is included with each pair of Silver Sonic waders, Orvis also sells it separately.

It's a simple pouch made for storing things that can't get wet. But, despite it's simplicity, Orvis has designed the pouch to offer up a number thoughtful features which easily justify spending the meager $12 required to upgrade your on-the-stream water protection from Ziploc brand to Orvis brand.

Touch Screen Compatibility

While the list of things that need to stay dry could include any number of items, for most of us it includes electronics, specifically smartphones. Storing your phone in a waterproof bag, whether a sandwich bag or a roll-top backpack, still leaves you taking risks when pulling it out on the water or possibly hesitant to do so at all. The heavy-gauge, yet supple plastic that the Silver Sonic Waterproof Pocket is constructed of, however, is touch screen compatible, which means you can use your phone without removing it from the case.

Tough Construction

As mentioned above, the Silver Sonic Waterproof Pocket is constructed of a heavy gauge TPU plastic that stands up to abuse and frequent use, but that is still pliable enough to allow for easy manipulation of the items inside. TPU plastic is also noted for its transparency and abrasion resistance, as well. The welded seams are well constructed and the closure is a stout Ziploc-style closure that locks down tight and confidently.

Well Integrated

Through the addition of a simple strip of velcro attached with some seriously strong adhesive, Orvis integrates the Silver Sonic Waterproof Pocket into its waders. The pouch can be attached to the interior of the waders via the velcro strip where it can be easily accessed, or it can be used standalone. More recently, Orvis has begun including velcro attachment points for the pouch in other on-the-water gear. Come 2015, attachment points for the pouch will be in of Orvis' Safe Passage sling bags, chest packs, kit bags, and backpacks. Orvis' new Encounter waders will also incorporate it. And, you can of course mate it with any other packs, bags or other stuff (fishing vests, totes, bins, drift boats, whatever) you own by dropping an extra dollar on a female velcro strip you can pick up at your local home store.

Given the ubiquitous presence of smartphones on the water these days -- used liberally for snapping of photos, capture of video and more -- it's a wonder that this smartphone-friendly pouch hasn't found its way into more hands.