Redington's new i.D. reel brings custom artwork, finishes to the masses

With over 30 swappable designs already available
Redington i.D. fly reel
Redington introduced it's new i.D. reel at this year's IFTD show in Orlando (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Redington continues to bring new and compelling reels to the market. Last year, Redington refreshed its long-tenured, CNC-machined RISE reel with an updated and upgraded design and improvements to its carbon disc drag system. In the year prior, Redington introduced its wildly successful BEHEMOTH reel—a uniquely designed, affordable die-cast reel squarely aimed at bringing big fish-fighting abilities to the masses, something typically reserved for those that could afford to spend upwards of $500 on high-end fly reels. This year, Redington introduced its new i.D. reel, also aimed at bringing something typically reserved for the high-end reel market—customization and artwork—into an affordably priced reel.

Customization and artwork is nothing new in the world of fly reels. Companies like Abel and Tibor have been releasing limited-run reels with often hand-painted custom finishes for years, reels which can commonly come with price tags of $1,000 or more. Redington, with its new i.D. reel, is introducing custom finishes and artwork to its reels at price that is an order of magnitude lower—$89.

To be fair, the i.D. reel isn't adorned with a hand-painted, anodized finish but rather with a decal that is affixed to the reel's blank back. The decals are made of a robust, weatherproof vinyl that won't weather in the sun or water and won't come off until you want it to—at which point the decals can be easily swapped or stacked.

Redington i.D. fly reel
A close up of one of the designs available for the i.D. reel (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Currently, Redington is offering over 30 decals—featuring a wide array of designs such as various fishy artwork, American flags, banana jokes, U.S. state designs, Endless Summer riffs and so on—with plans to introduce more.

Like the BEHEMOTH, the i.D. reel is a cast aluminum reel featuring a modern spool design. Inside is a Rulon disc-drag system which has been performing dependably in many of Redington's reels for years. Like most of Redington's reel models, the i.D. is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Redington i.D. fly reel
More i.D. fly reel designs (photo: Redington).

Redington is offering the i.D. reel in three sizes—3/4, 5/6 and 7/8/9—for the aforementioned price tag of $89. Or, anglers can opt to buy the i.D. pre-spooled with RIO's Mainstream fly line (normally priced at $40) for $109.