Orvis Silver Sonic Zip Front Waders
Don't fear the zipper.

Orvis has long been associated with well constructed, heavy duty, long lasting waders. But while Orvis waders have been considered dependable by most, they haven't been known for their comfort or innovation. This began to change several years ago when Orvis introduced its sonic welding technology which allows waders to be constructed without stitching, thus reducing opportunities for holes and leaks. In the last year or so, that trend has continued as Orvis has redesigned their wader lineup with a strong design focus on fit, comfort and features.

And customers are noticing. Last month, we reviewed Orvis' relatively new Silver Sonic Waders for Women, where tester Aileen Lane took note of Orvis' attention to detail, focus on providing a woman's unique frame with a comfortable fit and addition of industry-unique features like a waterproof, touchscreen-capable interior flip-out pocket for storing smartphones, digital cameras and other touchscreen devices.

Orvis' latest addition to its wader lineup, replacing the now discontinued Orvis Pro Guide waders as their flagship model, is the Orvis Silver Sonic Zip-Front waders for men. The new model offers most of the features of the previously released Silver Sonic convertible top waders for men, but adds the zippered front. If you're not familiar with zip-front waders, you're missing out. The new, zip-front version even retains the touchscreen-capable waterproof pocket found on the non-zippered version, despite seeming like a likely casualty of adding the convenience of a zipper.

The Orvis Silver Sonic Zip-Front Waders for Men retail for $395 in all sizes and are available immediately. For more information on Orvis' newest wader, watch the video below, or head to Orvis' website.


Orvis has introduced some impressive options in the last few months. Redington offers some great deals on waders.

Remind me why I should be paying $750 for Simms?

SIMMS waders are second to none, but that doesn't mean that everyone can afford them.

Is that really the case these days? I've owned Simms in the past, and at that time waders from other companies really lagged behind.

I'm wondering if that gap has shrunk now, or disappeared entirely.

Simms waders are also second to none in price...no wader on this planet is worth $800....and I don't care if they are missile proof!!!!!!!