Korkers and STLHD intro limited edition wading boots

Only 350 of the steelhead-focused special edition boot will be made
korkers limited edition stlhd boot
Photo: Korkers

Fellow Pacific Northwest brands Korkers and STLHD have teamed up to create co-branded version of Korker's best-selling and very popular Devil's Canyon wading boot. The special edition boots will wear the STLHD logo on both the side and back of the boot and will come with a custom sole package intended to meet the needs of Pacific Northwest steelheaders.

“Over the past couple years we have become big fans of the STLHD brand," said Korkers CEO Brian Chaney. "With this collaboration, we wanted to create a special package that would not only highlight two great Pacific Northwest brands, but also create a product built specifically for the passionate community of steelhead fisherman in the great Northwest and beyond.”

Korker's Devil's Canyon boot is designed to be lightweight and agile and is targeted at anglers that put long days and plenty of miles on their boots. It features Korker's OmiTrax sole system which allows anglers to conveniently swap out one sole type for the other. Along with the custom STLD branding, the Korkers Limited Edition STLHD Boot will come with a custom 2 sole package that includes Korker's AlumaTrax bars and black felt.

The duo will offer only 350 of the special edition Devil's Canyon boots, which will be available only through select Korkers retailers.