Shadow Seeker Custom Colored Fly Line
Shadow Seeker Custom Colored Fly Line

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about Shadow Fly Fishing's introduction of their industry-first custom colored "Seeker" fly lines. Shadow has also since introduced a double taper version of these lines, which are now available for pre-order. Since their introduction, these lines have reportedly been selling like hot cakes, presumably due to their surprisingly low pricing, customization options or both.

Fly line coloring is sometimes little more than an aesthetic choice while in other cases coloration may be a valuable tool to the fisherman. While there may be little difference between a fluorescent yellow and a fluorescent green fly line, a line with a colored shooting head that helps the angler know where the best load point is on the line or one with a high-visibility colored tip section for detecting strikes may help increase an angler's effectiveness.

With a limited number of fly line companies in the marketplace, and most fly fisherman accustomed to buying their lines from one or two trusted manufacturers, some folks can be a little hesitant to step into new waters, regardless of how affordable stepping into those waters may be. So, we're pleased to be able to offer a couple of you a chance to lay your hands on one of Shadow's custom-colored Seeker fly lines simply by exhibiting a bit of creativity.

We're giving away these custom colored lines to (2) anglers that come up with the most interesting/useful/creative/etc colored line design. Here what you need to do:

  • Pick up to 4 colors (less is okay) from the color library on Shadow's web site and create a custom colored line design.
  • Specify the line type (weight forward or double taper), number of colors, number of sections and the color (please provide the color code provided on Shadow's web site and your description of that color, i.e. "pale green") and length of each section. Start with the tip of the line and work your way to the back of the line. You'll also find the weight forward line profile at the link provided to help in creating your design.
  • Explain your design. This may be an explanation of why you chose the colors you selected, how you'll fish it, why you hope it will be an effective fishing tool or simply why the design appeals to you. Be creative. There are no specific requirements.

Post your entry below in the comments.

With over 500 custom colors to choose from, the number of different colored line designs that one could come up with is seemingly endless, so there's no excuse for a lack of inventiveness. Get to it.