Shadow Seeker Custom Colored Fly Line
Shadow Seeker Custom Colored Fly Line

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about Shadow Fly Fishing's introduction of their industry-first custom colored "Seeker" fly lines. Shadow has also since introduced a double taper version of these lines, which are now available for pre-order. Since their introduction, these lines have reportedly been selling like hot cakes, presumably due to their surprisingly low pricing, customization options or both.

Fly line coloring is sometimes little more than an aesthetic choice while in other cases coloration may be a valuable tool to the fisherman. While there may be little difference between a fluorescent yellow and a fluorescent green fly line, a line with a colored shooting head that helps the angler know where the best load point is on the line or one with a high-visibility colored tip section for detecting strikes may help increase an angler's effectiveness.

With a limited number of fly line companies in the marketplace, and most fly fisherman accustomed to buying their lines from one or two trusted manufacturers, some folks can be a little hesitant to step into new waters, regardless of how affordable stepping into those waters may be. So, we're pleased to be able to offer a couple of you a chance to lay your hands on one of Shadow's custom-colored Seeker fly lines simply by exhibiting a bit of creativity.

We're giving away these custom colored lines to (2) anglers that come up with the most interesting/useful/creative/etc colored line design. Here what you need to do:

  • Pick up to 4 colors (less is okay) from the color library on Shadow's web site and create a custom colored line design.
  • Specify the line type (weight forward or double taper), number of colors, number of sections and the color (please provide the color code provided on Shadow's web site and your description of that color, i.e. "pale green") and length of each section. Start with the tip of the line and work your way to the back of the line. You'll also find the weight forward line profile at the link provided to help in creating your design.
  • Explain your design. This may be an explanation of why you chose the colors you selected, how you'll fish it, why you hope it will be an effective fishing tool or simply why the design appeals to you. Be creative. There are no specific requirements.

Post your entry below in the comments.

With over 500 custom colors to choose from, the number of different colored line designs that one could come up with is seemingly endless, so there's no excuse for a lack of inventiveness. Get to it.


Cool. Love this.

My design might not be that inventive, but it will suit my needs quite well. I believe in camouflaging my line as much as possible, especially with selective trout. I fish a tannic-stained waters in my area, and always wanted a brown line to hide it as much as possible but never could find one.

I'd have a 2-color WFF line with two slightly different shades of brown so I can distinguish the weighted head from the running line. First 44 feet darker brown (BRN62) and the running line/rest lighter brown (BRN64).

Okay, now bear two things in mind:

1) this in no way will make me catch more fish
2) I can't afford Abel's Steal Your Face Grateful Dead Reel

BUT ... if I could, I'd totally pair that reel with a red/white/blue fly line.

BG1 body - running line split into N20 (which seems to have a slight bit of grey to it -- even better!) and WR19.

Is there a point to distinguishing the weighted portion of a weight forward fly line?

I've been looking for a line with a very visible strike-indicator colored tip: CR12 hot pink (just 6 feet or so, maybe even 3) and then just a normal body, something like a moss color: G4. I'd like to get strike indicators out of my life. Problem is, I haven't been able to find this on general-purpose weight forward lines, only euro-style nymphing lines.

Oh, and do these lines have welded loops? Me likes welded loops.

I don't believe so. Will verify.

Verified. The lines do not have welded loops.

6' of clear into Gb2 sky blue, maximum ninja. I want to be as stealth as possible, always. All white may be good for winter fishing as well. What can I say, I like the intense colors on my fish not my line!

After further research, I would like to change my original design as clear is not yet an option.
I would love a 5wt WFF with the first 15' the BG10 sky blue, then blending into G70 for the rest of the line.
I have never understood why the fly line industry is so focused on all of these brightly colored lines. If I could have it my way I would want them all clear.

7wtf with the Vietnam service medal colors...G74 grass green of 6" ...y30 yellow orange 2'..wr9 blood red 3"...y30 yellow orange3"...wr9 blood red 3"..y30 yellow orange3"...wr9 blood red 3"....y30 yellow orange 2'...G74 grass green of 6"....the rest in p4 blood shed, for the wounded heroes. To be used on special holidays. God bless our vets!

John - keep in mind the limit is 4 colors. Perhaps you can adapt.

I think this is fantastic - I'd really like to keep track of both the size fish I catch as well as my cast distances!

Double taper 4 weight:

22" B7 Pale blue - 24'3" G64 Pale Green - Remaining Line Y21 Tan -

I'll be able to quickly look at fish lengths, gauge when my casts go over 25', and know when a fish is taking line WAY out!

After reading others submissions, I've figured out a perfect line for me, hope you all agree. I think I'm going to buy it if I don't win this.

5wt forward line.

1. 32" G20 (grey green), stealth section. I high stick all the time, and I cant help but thinking that when line does hit the water the bright yellow may alert fish that something is up. If I have a couple feet of stealth line, it might give my arm (and nerves) a bit of a break.
2. 12" of WR19 (bright red), indicator section. After my stealth section, I want something that's visible for when I have a little more line out on the water. Thinking it would be helpful for streamers, or longer nymph drifts. Really liked the idea of using this as a fish ruler too, so having a bright foot of red can be helpful for measuring fish.
3. 15' of Y7 (pale olive green), visible but not vibrant section. This is the thick of the line color.
4. 12" of WR19 (bright red), as a reminder to me that I'm getting into having more line out (around the 20 ft mark).
5. Y7 (pale olive green), to the end.

Hope you all think this is as good of an ideas as I do.

Andy - don't forget the limit is 4 colors.

Guess I misunderstood. I'd end it with the red line and forget my #5. Sure I'd have red line to the end but it would be highly visible (might be good for seeing mends) and red's my favorite color.

Demographics of the line:
Weight-forward, 4 colors, 4 sections, Colors: G63 "limey green", N40 "army green," BG26 "teal."
I want to use the lime green as a strike indicator because I don't like to use strike indicators, and it shows up well with polarized glasses, even with glare, usually.
The army green is to camouflage the line on the river.
The teal is a cool, different color that I would use to indicate the line is running long and that the backing is coming up.

I would like a DT with a 3 ft indicater tip (hot pink or chartruse) with a change in color at the mid-point (maybe hot tip/white). The other side of the line would be a 3 ft. camo tip (clear, green or light blue)with a subtle colored line to mid-point. That way I can decided to have an indicater tip or stealth tip depending on my fishing conditions/technique for that day. It would take < 5 min to switch the line around on my reel...about as much as some people take to tie another fly on...


Congratulations to david154 and Andy for their innovative ideas for multi-colored Shadow Seeker fly lines.

Use our contact form to send us your contact information (name, email, mailing address, etc) so we can get your lines on their way for you to fish them.

Thanks to all that entered.