G. Loomis intros new guide-driven IMX-PRO fly rods

New rods series designed to meet the needs of modern trout fishing
G. Loomis IMX-Pro fly rods
G. Loomis pro ambassador Ben Hardy totes along a couple of IMX-PRO rods (photo: Red Kulper/G. Loomis).

G. Loomis catapulted itself back into the spotlight last summer with the announcement of the Asquith, its $1,000-plus flagship series which has been showered with accolades. As a follow up, G. Loomis is debuting its new IMX-PRO series of fly rods, which the company says is the result of dozens upon dozens of meetings with guides during which Loomis asked one basic question: what kind of rods do you need for today's trout fishing?

The IMX-PRO series is mid-priced and is built using Loomis' IMX-PRO MATRIX material which the company has been using to build conventional rods aimed at tournament bass anglers. IMX-PRO MATRIX is a material that, according to Loomis, allows them to use fewer wraps of graphite and build fast, responsive rods that are lighter and more sensitive without sacrificing power or durability.

But it is the concept of today's trout fishing or "modern" trout fishing, as Loomis calls it, that really drives taper designs throughout the IMX-PRO series. The lineup is split into three categories: freshwater, streamer and short spey, each of which contains rods that Loomis calls "purpose driven." Whether the rod in question is a 5 or 6-weight four piece rod aimed at throwing big bugs and dropper rigs in the Rockies, one of the IMX-PRO's two one-piece streamer rods designed to throw sinking lines and bulky, articulated streamers or one of its five 11'11" short spey models aimed at meeting the demands of the growing base of two-handed trout anglers, each model in the IMX-PRO lineup was designed with a specific fishing task in mind.

G. Loomis IMX-Pro fly rods

The new G. Loomis IMX-PRO is U.S.-built at Loomis' Woodland, WA facility. Pricing ranges between $425 and $575. Available July 12.


So " Loomis asked ( the guides ) one basic question: what kind of rods do you need for today's trout fishing? " Ain´t that a sweet question!? Almost suggesting that a dedicated company like GLoomis does not already have such rods in their existing range of fly rods!!

Well! Guess this is more or less press release mumbo jumbo. To create some hype for a less shining line of rods. Nothing wrong with that, though. "Hmmm. let´s see...we already have brilliant rods for todays trout fishing...Asquith, NRX, NRX LP, Streamdance and more but we also need to be better in mid-price segments. It´s risky to only supply the market with high end/expensive rods. How make those midprice rods stand-out and tasty and desirable?...oh, let´s tell the market that these rods are a direct request from great Guides! To meet the high standards of todays trout fishing! "

Looks awesome. What kind of reel is that green reel?

The reel appears to be a Nautilus X but in Green

Can you guys please do a review of all the current one piece 7 and 8wt rods?... Clutch, Orvis, Hardy, extra... so we can see where they stand for performance. Thanks