G. Loomis introduces new NRX+ T2S fly rods

Steve Rajeff's latest creation is aimed at performance-seeking saltwater anglers
Photo: G. Loomis

G. Loomis recently announced the addition of a new series of rods to its celebrated NRX+ family. Dubbed the NRX+ T2S, the five new additions are all 8'10" in length and are aimed at what G. Loomis calls "apex saltwater anglers." If you're not sure what an apex saltwater angler is, that's okay. What you can be sure of is that when Steve Rajeff and the folks at G. Loomis introduce a new rod, it's always worth paying attention—especially when the rod in question has the letters "NRX" in the name.

The NRX+ TS2 rods are built on the same platform and tech that the rest of the excellent NRX+ series is built on—namely Loomis' multi-taper designs (a technology that's exclusive to the Woodland, WA rod makers) and what the brand calls Dynamic Recovery Technology (DRT), its graphite-resin blend and construction process that provides fast action and swift recovery without sacrificing feel and sensitivity. And, of course, also along for the ride is a bevy of high-end components and finishes.

"Dynamic Recovery Technology enables everything that we want the NRX+ T2S to do," says Rajeff. "It provides the power, line speed, and loop stability expected from a modern fast action rod without compromising feel and finesse. At the same time, the GL8 resin and Mega Modulus+ high-performance graphite matrix make the rod surprisingly light, reducing angler fatigue over a long day of repetitive casts."

What sets the TS2 series apart from the its NRX+ saltwater counterparts is its 2-piece "tournament" configuration, which Loomis says offers one-piece performance in a two-piece format. In addition to the taper design and rod tech, this is what Loomis is referring to with the "apex" marketing jargon. Even though they used to be commonplace, one- and two-piece rods are a rarity these days. In fact, it's likely that most of today's fly anglers have never cast a one-piece rod, and many have never cast a two-piece. But despite their limited availability, one-piece rods have remained coveted tools for dedicated saltwater anglers thanks to their performance, action and light weight.

In the T2S two-piece configuration, Loomis hopes to offer the advantages of single-piece construction with the added convenience of portability.

“One-piece fly rods are quite popular, and for good reason,” said Red Kulper, G. Loomis Fly Fishing Brand Manager. “Without the additional ferrule weight of a standard 4-piece travel design, one-piece rods are noticeably light in hand. They have tighter actions, which boosts line speed. However, a one-piece rod a few inches shy of nine feet in length is a major challenge to transport and ship. The Tournament Configuration of the new NRX+ T2S, with its unique two-piece construction, offers one-piece weight and performance with the added benefit of easy transportability.”

The NRX+ T2S is available in weights 8 through 12 for an MSRP of $895. Available late July 2021.