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If you enjoy eye candy and good, entertaining writing, it's a good time to be a fly fisherman. Now, more than ever, there's a plethora of great publications -- both offline and online -- for the fly fisherman to get his or her fix on destinations, technique, fly patterns, photography, artwork ... you name it. Having just released issue #2 (which is, incidentally, sort of their third issue), Southern Culture on the Fly (SCOF) is welcome addition to the aforementioned plethora. Filled with stories, gear reviews, fly patterns and chock full of top notch photography and artwork, SCOF is not to be missed.

The latest issue is a tribute to the road trip, featuring several stories about winter fishing destinations in places most of us can actually reach, places that don't require a $2,000 plane ticket and $5,000 in outfitter fees to reach. In other words, places you might actually fish before you die.

Don't Suck the Upper Colorado River Dry
Colorado Trout Unlimited is organizing a rally, scheduled for this Thursday December 26th, where opponents of proposed plans to divert the vast majority of the Upper Colorado River's waterflow can voice their concerns. The plans in question, which are part of the long-proposed Windy Gap Firming project, would see up to 80 percent of the Upper Colorado River's water diverted to "firm up" water supplies for expected growth in Front Range residential development. The diverted water would supply the planned 270 million dollar Chimney Hollow Reservoir with water.

Don't Suck the Upper Colorado River Dry

Proponents of the plan maintain that the project is the only way to meet the growing demand for water in Colorado's Front Range. 13 water providers are expected to see the communities they serve double their populations over the next several decades. Insuring that these providers have adequate water storage, advocates say, is the only way to insure that demand can be met during years of lean precipitation.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour - F3T
The Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) is back after a very successful year last year, which was highlighted by a 40 percent growth in attendance. This year's tour is scheduled to stop in over 100 cities, offering individuals all over North America a chance to view some of the finest fly fishing films in production. Show proceeds will benefit further fly fishing film making efforts by donating over $30,000 to film makers.

Fly Fishing Film Tour

This year, the tour is currently featuring 7 films with more expected as the tour progresses. The tour kicks on January 26, 2012 in Ventura, CA at the Majestic Ventura Theatre. The tour will conclude almost a full year later on December, 12 in Providence, RI, though there is currently a six month gap in the schedule after the Boyne Falls, MI tour date on June 3rd.

Pennsylvania State Capitol Building
Advocates for tighter regulations and appropriate taxation of drilling operations within the State of Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale region have announced plans to rally at the State Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg next Tuesday, January 17th. The goal of the rally is to urge legislators, who will be returning to work after a winter break, to reject House Bill 1950 and Senate Bill 1100. Both bills have been sharply criticized by environmental and conservation groups for failing to set adequate regulations on drilling operations, failing to adequately tax energy companies and for removing from local governments the power to regulate drilling operations.

Organizers of the rally also have plans to hold a virtual rally online for those who are unable to attend the rally in person. As an alternative to the two rallies, organizers are asking supporters to call their representatives on the day of the rally, urging them to reject HB 1950 and SB 1100, both of which may potentially come to a vote this month.

Best Fishing Sunglasses of 2011
It's not everyday that you begin a feature with a definition of one of the words in the title. Still, here we go. Best [best]: (adj.) A standout amongst counterparts; of the highest quality, excellence or standing. Now that you know what we think "best" means, take note that these are our opinions. None of us are opthalmologists, optometrists or otherwise experts on optics, nor can any of us every recall claiming to be so. That said, we wear a lot of fishing sunglasses and consider it very serious business. Trust me, if you're otherwise obsessed with gear -- and you're not currently obsessing over sunglasses -- boy, are you missing out.

Frivolous obsessions aside, however, sunglasses are one of the most important and crucial pieces of gear in a fisherman's arsenal. While it's certainly not always true in fishing that you can't catch what you can't see, vision is one of the key aspects of the game. Sunglasses play a key role in how good your vision on the water is, so there's a lot to be said for getting it right.

The few selections that follow are our favorite of the glasses we tested during this past year. Some of these are new to market, some are not.