New hatchmag Photo Galleries
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Today we're debuting an entirely new way of viewing the photography collections we showcase here on Hatch Magazine. The result is an altogether better viewing experience. We're kicking off this new feature with an absolutely stunning collection from photographer Matt Jones, from his recent travels to Bolivia in search of the golden dorado. The collection is bursting with amazing images which show the beauty of the golden dorado and the Bolivian jungle, and demonstrate definitively why Matt is one of the best in the business.

Over time (and hopefully not that much time) we'll be refining the viewing experience further and will be converting most of our existing photography collections to the new format. For the time being, enjoy things as they are, and be sure to maximize the viewer when you're prompted to. If you're viewing these images in a tiny embedded frame, you're simply missing out.

New hatchmag Photo Galleries 2
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One of the most exciting new aspects of this new viewing experience is the fact that you now have the ability to buy a print of virtually every photograph we feature. And we're not talking just 5x7 glossies. You'll have the option to buy small matte or gloss prints, framed fine art prints, wall-sized canvas wraps and more, and all from one of the most respected photographic printers in the business.

We'll be refining pricing as we launch more galleries. Pricing will typically not vary from print to print, but photographers may opt to sell certain prints at a premium or offer discounts. Be sure to check pricing on each print you're interested in. We'll also be featuring certain photographs as suggested prints and offering the occasional sales on prints. Stay tuned.

Please share your thoughts on the new viewing experience. We'd love to hear them.