Help Simms 'Save our Streams'

Buy a cool shirt, help do your part to save a river
Simms 'Save our Streams' Yellowstone River shirt
Simms 'Save our Streams' Yellowstone River shirt (Men's).

If you're like me, the idea of large scale gold mines in Paradise Valley—the headwaters of the famed Yellowstone River—sounds like a terrible plan. In fact, it probably sounds that way even if you're not like me. It seems almost everyone agrees, from high-end real estate developers and resort owners to dirtbag fishermen and everyday bikers, hikers and other recreationists. Everyone seems to get it: putting large scale mines at the headwaters of the Yellowstone River is a colossally dumb idea. But mining companies have a way of getting what they want. Preventing them from doing so takes a great deal of organization, effort and, of course, money.

This month, Simms' kicked off its 'Save Our Streams' campaign which is designed to get much needed funds into the hands of organizations fighting on the front lines of battles like the ones currently facing the Yellowstone.

Ultimately, some of that money needs to come from folks like you and me—anglers that want to see the Yellowstone and other rivers facing similar challenges preserved for generations to come, and Simms' campaign is designed to hopefully make that ask a little bit easier to swallow.

Each month of the campaign, Simms' will offer for sale a new t-shirt (which happen to be pretty damned slick) designed by renowned artists from around the country to help raise awareness about issues facing these challenged streams and rivers. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of each shirt will go directly to one of the non-profit partners fighting the battles to preserve these waters.

This month, it's the Yellowstone. After that, the campaign will move on to Minnesota’s Boundary Waters and then back to Montana’s for its Smith River.

Simms owner, K.C. Walsh noted that “the health of our rivers and streams doesn’t only have an effect on our business here at Simms, it has an effect on any and all businesses that rely on clean water. It’s my hope that the fishing industry as a whole, and the greater fishing community can come together, take action, and make a difference so that future generations can enjoy the same privilege that we have.”

Do your good deed for the day. Buy a cool shirt and put some coin in the pockets of those out there fighting for clean water.


I'd buy one in a minute, but not in black. Black in the Tucson sun (or any Summer sun) is just not a good idea. More colors, please.