Vedavoo's 'Reel Service' raffle back for 2015

Win gear decorated by some of the industry's best artists
Project Healing Waters

We've made no secret of the fact that we think Vedavoo is one of the brands out there that simply does things right. They're dedication to doing so shines through in their products, their relationships with their customers and their ongoing dedication to conservation efforts. And if that wasn't enough, Vedavoo also undertakes charitable projects. Their annual 'Reel Service' event seeks to raise money for Project Healing Waters by raffling off one-of-a-kind Vedavoo products decorated by some of the industry's finest artists.

Dereck DeYoung at work Vedavoo bag
Artist Dereck DeYoung at work hand-painting fabric panels slated for use in a Vedavoo Spinner Daypack.

Reel Service is back for its third year and each year the effort has grown larger not only in terms of the number of participating artists and the number of products up for raffle, but more importantly in the amount of money it has raised for Project Healing Waters. Last year's effort raised over four times that of Reel Service's inaugural effort, and this year Vedavoo has set a goal of raising $10,000 for the charity.

The DeYoung Spinner Daypack.
The DeYoung Spinner Daypack.

This year's raffle includes gear decorated by artists such as Derek DeYoung, AD Maddox, Andrea Larko, Paul Puckett, Eric Hornung, Jeff Kennedy, Jonathan Marquardt, Josh Udsesen, Jared Nielson and Ty Hallock. We had the privilege of seeing this year's collection first-hand at IFTD in Orlando and can say without reservation that they are pieces to be coveted.

Vedavoo Paul Puckett Tightlines Slingpack
A Vedavoo Tightlines Slingpack adorned with art from Paul Puckett.

Tickets can be purchased on for $10 each, and you can get bonus tickets by buying in bulk. Spending $50 will net you 6 tickets, and spending $100 will land you 12. Tickets will be available for purchase until December 31, 2015. All proceeds from ticket purchases go directly to benefit Project Healing Waters.

Vedavoo Reel service bags
More Vedavoo bags decorated by artists Andrea Larko and A.D. Maddox.

According to Vedavoo founder Scott Hunter, "This has truly been a labor of love for us and the artists who gave their time. The outcome is unbelievable - and I'm honored to lead this charge for Project Healing Waters and the Veterans they serve."