Vedavoo wows with new Damsel sling for women

New sling pack is built with a lady's lines in mind
vedavoo damsel sling
Photo: Kris Millgate

Slings are for sissies. That's what I say every time I throw my fishing vest in my boat. Notice I use the term throw. I throw my vest. I don't wear it. It's too heavy. Like luggage rather than apparel. I'm telling Hatch editor Chad Shmukler this as we walk aisles at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show. He laughs and does an immediate about face heading directly for a booth on the show's border row.

I see packs, the back and butt kind. Not my thing, but I indulge him. Shmukler introduces me, explains my hefty vest situation then lets Vedavoo founder Scott Hunter have at it.

Hunter calls the nuances of female form a woman's natural topography. I get it. Seatbelts don't take into account my natural topography or my short stature. Thus the red rub along the side of my neck on road trips.

Vedavoo's new Damsel Sling for $150 is built with a lady's lines in mind. The cross strap is a band made of four-way stretch material rather than traditional no-give webbing. And there's no bulky plastic buckle on the strap so there's no dig along your neck. It's also comfortable across your curves.

The sling, while smaller than a vest, carries what you want to haul to the river. It holds multiple fly boxes, has connection points for attachments like tippet and nippers plus a pouch for a bottle of water or a beer.

I'm hearing Hunter make a case for slings, but I'm still on the fence so I throw out another zinger, beyond my sissy stance. Slings are for right handers. I'm a lefty. Hunter, being the garage-born seamster turned pro-sew that he is, unrolls a measuring tape and runs it down my back. Not only does Vedavoo make a pack for ladies, it makes a pack for ladies that are lefties.

I don't know how easy the swap is in the sewing shop, but no one else is measuring my back and making me a sling that doesn't restrict my left shoulder when I cast. Now Vedavoo has my attention. I can't wait to be a sling sissy.