Scott introduces new Session fly rods

The newest "fast meets feel" offering from Scott
scott session fly rod
Photo: Scott Fly Rods.

Not to be outdone by new premium rod offerings from Sage and Orvis in recent months, Colorado-based Scott Fly Rods today launched its new Session line, promoting its new rods with a familiar “fast with feel” message. Despite the familiar description, Scott says it has incorporated some of its newest technologies to craft a unique fly rod that offers anglers an elevated experience.

“Anyone who has fished Scott freshwater rods in the recent past will immediately recognize our signature ‘fast with feel’ action in Session rods,” says Scott President Jim Bartschi. “They share some of the design approaches and materials DNA with some of our most legendary rods. Incorporating some of our newest technologies gives these rods their own unique feel and attributes.”

Easy to load

Scott has a stellar reputation for quality and craftsmanship, so when the company says its newest signature rod is easy to load and allows anglers to better control their loops, most anglers will be keen to listen.

For serious freshwater anglers who prefer fast rods, the load is often the biggest nit they pick. If Scott is correct in its assertion that the Session is a loading machine, then it likely also boasts quality line pickup and line speed for quick recasts. These attributes are particularly important for drift-boat and skiff anglers who may only get a cast or two at a fishy target. Casts have to count, and, often, it all comes down pickup speed and a quick load.

The tech

To accomplish the new rod’s attributes, Scott says it’s incorporated its proprietary Carbon Link epoxy resin system that purportedly connects the Session’s carbon fibers in a dense matrix. This is done to make the rod “exponentially lighter” and reduce casting fatigue for anglers.

scott session fly rod
Photo: Scott Fly Rods.

Some 15 years ago, the company introduced its Advanced Reinforced Carbon system for all of its rods. Now, after a few technological upgrades to the ARC system, Scott says the new Session rods are 35 percent lighter than the first generation ARC rods.

And, because of its ARC construction, Scott says it’s able to use blanks with thinner walls spun on fast-taper mandrels. The result, according to the company’s marketing material, is a design that “helps the rod come alive in your hands.”

The finish

Scott’s new Session rods feature a new grip design and custom machined aluminum reel seats with dyed box elder wood inserts. Also on board are Silicon Nitride stripping guides and low glare light wire snake guides.

scott session fly rod
Photo: Scott Fly Rods.

A welcome price point

Almost inevitably, new premium rods come with some serious sticker shock. The last several high-end rod launches from the world’s best rod-makers have tickled or eclipsed the $1,000 mark.

The Session? Every model, from its 8-foot 3-weight to its 9-foot 8-weight, comes in at $675. What does this suggest? Hopefully it’s because Scott is proving that an excellent fly rod can be constructed and retailed at a more attractive price point.

Wrapping Up

The Session promises to be a nice addition to an already-stellar fly-rod lineup from one of the world’s best rod crafters. That “fast with feel” outcome is something lots of anglers look for in a premium rod, and if the Session delivers, then Scott likely has a winner on its hands.

The most welcoming outcome of the new launch may be seeing a company take its foot off the gas pedal and offer a premium rod at a price that doesn’t put it out of reach of all but the most well-heeled angler. Backed by Scott’s lifetime warranty, the price will likely be easier to swallow for some anglers who might be in the market for a high-end rod, but unwilling to fork over a painful amount of cash to acquire one.

The new Scott Session lineup features 11 different models in weights ranging from 3 to 8. As previously noted, the MSRP for all Session models is $675. Available immediately from Scott authorized dealers.