Scott introduces new Radian two-handers

Spey casting comes to Scott's hallmark Radian series

Since it's introduction in 2013, Scott's Radian fly rod has been one of the most coveted high-end rods in the industry, and a hallmark of Scott rod design and craftsmanship. Scott's new Meridian series of saltwater rods, introduced this year, has received early praise — including winning Best in Show at this year's IFTD show in Orlando — that is reminiscent of the Radian's introduction a couple of years ago. This week, Scott introduced it's new series of Radian two-handers which, according to the manufacturer, takes cues from both its Radian one handers and its new Meridian series.

According to Scott president and rod designer Jim Bartschi, the new Radian two handers were designed in part by working with "some of the best casters and anglers in Europe over the past two years to develop and fine tune these rods." Bartschi added, "They’ve proven themselves on legendary rivers like the Dee, Morrum, Gaula, and Lakselv. Now we’re excited to bring them to the steelhead and salmon rivers of North America”.

Scott describes the new Radian two-handers as "developed for anglers that prefer ‘touch and go’ style casting and an up-tempo stroke," noting the rods to be ideal for casting Scandi heads and long-bellied spey lines. While Scott makes no specific claims regarding their suitability for casting Skagit style heads — which long ago because ubiquitous on big rivers across North America thanks to the advantages they provide when casting big flies, heavy sink tips or when casting in windy conditions — it does provide Skagit line recommendations for each model in the new series.

The new Radian 2h series includes 4 models, ranging in weights from 7 to 10 and lengths of 12'6" to 15'. See the table below for more details, including line recommendations. All models are priced at $1195 and are available immediately from Scott authorized dealers.

Model Line Length Grain Weight
Grain Weight
R1257/4 7 12' 6" 480 520
R1308/4 8 13' 0" 520 560
R1409/4 9 14' 0" 580 640
R1510/4 10 15'0" 680 720


Really interested to see Scott have launched these rods but cannot understand why very few of the rod makers do a 6 piece given the costs and hassles of airline travel when carrying seperate rod tubes.
I believe Scott like the others are missing a real and growing market segment.
I own a Shakespeare Oracle Switch,a good starter 6 piece rod and am keen to upgrade that now I see the extra options Switch &Spey give us here in NZ