Sage shakes up lineup with 3 new rod series, expands ONE family

There's something new for everyone in Sage's 2016 additions
Limay River fly fishing
Angler Bill Schudlich tosses a cast on Patagonia's Rio Limay (photo: Chad Shmukler),

Sage is shaking up their lineup for 2016 by introducing three all new rod series and expanding its wildly successful ONE family. Joining Sage’s offerings are its new MOD, PULSE and BOLT series, while the the ONE family grows via the addition of the LITTLE ONE and ONE Trout Spey rods. The new additions span Sage’s more technology (and price point) focused approach to crafting and selling fly rods.

Of all of Sage's new additions, the MOD series is probably the most noteworthy. The MOD is not replacing any of Sage’s existing models and thus is a true addition to the lineup. MOD, if you hadn’t guessed, is short for moderate. The rods feature a moderate-fast action that Sage has geared squarely towards trout and steelhead anglers. Of the MOD series, Siem notes, “I’ve been thinking about this rod for quite some time now, it was conceived as I fished smaller to medium sized trout streams. Konnetic® has made it possible, and it’s quickly become a favorite of our testing team. I like to compare it to the short game in golf, where you need an accurate presentation with a delicate touch. The MOD is optimized for those distances and scenarios.”

The Sage MOD fly rod.
The Sage new Sage MOD.

From talking with the folks at Sage, it sounds like the MOD’s action can most closely be compared with that of the ACCEL, perhaps even a bit softer, while carrying with it all the hallmarks of Konnetic -- such as a thin, light blank, precise loading and tracking and high accuracy. Single-hand models -- which are all 9' in length and available in weights 2 through 6 -- will be available for $850, with two-hand models -- both 13' in length and available in weights 6 and 7 -- retailing for $1050.

The BOLT family of rods is a new ultra-fast action series built on Sage’s Generation 5 technology, replacing the discontinued VXP family in the lineup. Siem’s pitch for the BOLT notes that “anglers looking for long distances, fast line speeds and quick recovery in a fly rod need look no further than the BOLT. The ultra-fast action of these rods makes high line speeds and tight loops easier, giving anglers the casting confidence needed in demanding conditions.”

The Sage BOLT fly rod.
The Sage BOLT fly rod.

The BOLT rods are a handsome salmonfly color with orange and black wraps. The series is single hand only, including four 9' models in weights 4 through 8, and will retail for $650.

The Sage PULSE fly rod.
The Sage PULSE series.

The PULSE is Sage’s replacement for it’s well liked and attractively priced RESPONSE series. Built on Graphite IIIe technology, the PULSE series contains an offering for virtually every application, from freshwater to salt, single-hand to two-hand. Sage calls the PULSE a powerful, fast action rod, but also goes out of its way to tout their durability, proclaiming the rods less prone to breakage. Single hand models will retail for $450, switch for $550 and spey models for $650.

The ONE series is one of Sage’s most successful rods of all time, and many anglers will be pleased to see Sage continue to develop and expand it.


The LITTLE ONE will serve as a Konnetic replacement for the TXL-F series, which was based on Generation 5 tech. Like the TXL-F, the LITTLE ONE rods are ultra-light, sensitive rods designed for small stream anglers that like a medium-fast to fast action in a light, nimble package. Retail will be $850.

The Sage ONE Trout Spey.
The two-handed Sage ONE Trout Spey rod.

The ONE Trout Spey models expand the current ONE spey rod lineup by adding a 2 wt and 3 wt model designed specifically for two-handed casting for trout. Sage calls them “delicate enough to protect small flies on light tippets yet are powerful enough to cast modestly weighted streamers on light sink tips.” Both models will retail for $1050.