Sage intros new SALT R8 fly rod series

Sage's latest flagship saltwater series debuts with 9 brand-new models
sage salt r8 fly rod
Photo: Dylan Schmitz.

Sage announced today its latest flagship rod series, the Sage SALT R8. The new series will replace the venerated SALT HD in Sage’s lineup. Leveraging Sage’s new R8 technology that the celebrated brand introduced last year with its freshwater R8 CORE series, the SALT R8 aims to utilize materials advancements to offer fresh advantages to saltwater anglers.

“More fight, more touch,” is how Sage describes the new SALT R8 lineup. According to the Bainbridge Island, Washington rod maker, the SALT R8 offers considerably more strength than its predecessors without requiring Sage to increase the amount of material in the blank.

According to Sage rod designer Peter Knox, “The new R8 Technology brings a level of strength to the product that we couldn't have achieved otherwise. And so if you look at the SALT R8, versus R8 CORE, you're going to find you've got twenty to thirty percent greater strength.”

In addition to improving the strength-to-weight ratio in its new rods, Sage worked intently with experienced saltwater guides in Florida to refine and hone the action of the SALT R8. The result of that effort, the brand says, is a “more intuitive sweet spot.”

“These rods have been designed a little bit easier to load, and so they're a little bit quicker out of the hand. Having that touch to just flip a little cast in there, land the fly with enough time to sink, 'cause that fish isn't very happy - that can spell out the difference between success and failure on any given day,” Knox said.

sage salt r8 fly rod
Photo: Dylan Schmitz.

Sage is also highlighting the guide set on its new saltwater series, noting that the rods feature Fuji Titanium K-guides which resist corrosion, and with an angled shape that prevents snags and tangling. Also along for the ride are oversized tip-top and chrome snake guides that are designed to allow easy passage for larger saltwater knots.

The new SALT R8 series debuts with nine models, including eight 9’ 4-piece rods ranging from 6- to 12-weight, and an 8’6” 4-piece 15-weight.

MSRP for the SALT R8 is $1,100. Available January 17, 2023 from authorized Sage dealers.