RIO Perception IFTD 2013
RIO Perception IFTD 2013

Back in June, fly line maker RIO promised to redefine fly fishing with its new Perception floating trout line, and the fly fishing industry has taken notice. The Perception line was named the 'Best New Fly Line' at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition in Vienna, Austria, and it was also voted the 'Best New Freshwater Fly Line' at the International Fly Tackle Dealers (IFTD 2013) show in Las Vegas.

"To have folks within the fly fishing industry recognize our new line as being the best offering for trout anglers means the world to everyone here at RIO Products," notes Simon Gawesworth, RIO's marketing manager. "These awards give our sales team momentum and helps reinforce that RIO is taking tremendous steps to improve fly lines so anglers can connect with more fish", he added.

According to RIO, the Perception line is crafted from an ultra-low stretch ConnectCore technology that offers "unprecedented line sensitivity" for better hit detection and easier line lift. RIO also promises that the new Perception line will improve cast timing and casting accuracy thanks to its exclusive SureFire tri-color system, which allows anglers to judge distance more accurately. Other benefits include, easier hook setting and what RIO calls an EasyID tag for quick line identification.

The RIO Perception line is available now in green/camo/tan and camo/tan/gray for $89.95 through or official RIO dealers.

You can also view the full list of winners and honorees at the IFTD 2013 show.