RIO introduces new Fathom sinking lines for lake anglers

Innovative new sinking line series aimed at still water anglers seeking deep quarry
fly fishing lake
Photo: Aga Kubale.

To kick off the new year, RIO introduced a new series of sinking lines aimed at lake anglers. As the new series' name, Fathom, implies, the lines are aimed at anglers seeking quarry in deeper waters—whether fishing from a boat, float tube, pontoon, SUP, or from shore.

Each of the lines in the series is designed with a short, powerful head intended to allow casters to shoot long lengths of line with minimal false casting. Lines are multi-color to identify the load point and are also color coded to indicate sink rate.

Additionally, according to RIO, all the lines in the Fathom series "have a built in hang marker 20ft from the front end that shows anglers when to stop stripping, and when to fish the 'hang' – a deadly technique for anglers anchored in a boat, or fishing 'loch style.'"

And, like all of RIO's current lineup of sinking lines and sinking tips, the Fathom lines feature RIO's Density Compensation. If you're not familiar with this feature from RIO, it's one worth paying attention to. In uniform density sinking lines, tapered heads typically sink at different rates than the thicker, more dense body of sinking lines. To compensate, RIO coats the heads of their sinking lines and tips with a denser coating, creating a line that sinks uniformly. It's a feature that's welcome both in rivers—when swinging and stripping lines through the current—and in still water.

Rio fathom
RIO's new Fathom sinking line (photo: RIO).

The Fathom series includes lines of 4 different sink rates: low/type 3 (3 inches per second), medium/type 5 (5 inches per second), fast/type 6 (6 inches per second), and extra-fast/type 7 (7 inches per second). Available immediately from RIO dealers in weights 5 through 8. Retail price is $79.99.

Learn more about the RIO Fathom Sinking Lines (via RIO)