RIO has focused on no area more intently recently than the spey arena. Multiple times in recent months, RIO has released new line offerings for Skagit lovers. With its latest released, the Scandi Shooting Head and the Scandi VersiTip lines, Scandi casters have something new to explore as well.

According to RIO, the Scandi Shooting Head lines are all new lines which "an easy casting Scandinavian style shooting head designed for effortless distance and great presentations". The lines are also conjoining and replacing the lines currently offered under RIO's Steelhead Scandi and AFS Shooting Head names. The heads are available in a multitude of weights from 210 grains to 640 grains and in lengths between 27 feet and 40 feet to cover all fly rod options and angling situations. The RIO Scandi is salmon colored and features a bright orange rear section. The lines are available immediately for $54.95.

The new Scandi VersiTip is a short (23-25 foot) floating Scandi body packaged with a selection of 15-foot long, tapered, interchangeable tips. The four tips that come with the straw colored body are Floating, Intermediate, Type 3 DC (Density Compensated) sink, and Type 6 DC sink –allowing anglers to fish a multitude of options with changing fishing conditions. The Scandi VersiTip is intended for anglers that use rods of 13 feet and longer and is available with an MSRP of $119.95 in sizes 7-11.