RIO intros new Skagit Trout Max

Another new product for two-handed trout anglers
rio skagit trout max
Mike McCune casting the new RIO Skagit Trout Max on the Missouri River.

RIO announced its new Skagit Trout Max earlier this year along with a bevy of other new products, noting it as a line developed for two-handed trout anglers, but providing only a few other details.

As noted, RIO created the Skagit Trout Max specifically for the growing collection of two-handed rods aimed squarely at trout anglers. Now, more than ever before, rod makers are creating small spey and switch rods designed primarily (or solely) for two-hand casting — such as the Sage Little ONE, R.L. Winston Micro Spey, ECHO Glass Switch and Redington Dually Switch, to name a few — and line makers like RIO have responded by building lines to get the most out of these rods.

According to RIO, the "short length of 11 feet on the Skagit Trout Max easily casts in tight quarters and presents flies in a multitude of methods including stripping, jigging, and a traditional downstream swing. Skagit Trout Max heads have a mass distribution that allows for easy, sustained anchor casts with sink tips and weighted flies, and are equally effective with floating tips, VersiLeaders, and regular tapered trout leaders to delicately present smaller flies, nymphs, and soft hackles."

RIO Skagit Trout Max

The Skagit Trout Max is available in sizes 2, 2/3, 3 and 3/4, which correspond to 200, 225, 250 and 275-grain weights, respectively. MSRP is $39.95, available immediately.