RIO Outbound Short Type 3
The RIO Outbound Short Type 3.

RIO has added a type 3 line to its OutBound family of fly fishing lines which includes a full range of densities from floating to type 6, fast sinking. The newest addition is a slower sinking fly line which sinks at a rate of three inches per second. It includes the same short front taper and front-loaded weight distribution as RIO's other OutBound Short lines.

RIO has designed its OutBound Short line series to give anglers plenty of options and allow them to cast large, heavy flies "with ease." RIO also promises that its OutBound Short lines deliver the utmost in depth control and make it easier to cast long distances. The OutBound Short type 3 also features RIO’s XS technology, a tangle-free coldwater coating and welded loops for fast, more convenient rigging.

All of the OutBound Short series lines are available for coldwater, freshwater and tropical fishing. The OutBound Short type 3 is available now for $79.95 at RIO retailers or It comes in a brown/yellow DualTone coloration and is available from WF6I/S3 to WF10I/S3.