Get some Hatch Magazine gear

Featuring two different pieces of Paul Puckett artwork
Pick between two styles: Scaly Redfish (yellow/red) and Striper (charcoal/light blue).

We've had a bunch of folks writing via email and social media lately asking where to get Hatch Magazine gear — shirts, hats, stickers and so on. So we decided to stop dragging our feet and get to work on it.

We teamed up with the prolific and stupidly talented Paul Puckett from Flood Tide Co. and have put two shirts together. Each features one of Paul's sketches. You pick: Scaly Redfish or Striper.

These are high quality Next Level tees which you can think of as American Apparel level in terms of quality. They're a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, so they're not going to shrink two sizes the first time you throw them in the washer and they're not going to fall apart after a few months of wearing them. These are quality.

Hatch Magazine Paul Puckett Tee - Striper

If you prefer free gear, we understand. So we're giving you a chance to use your powers of persuasion and your social media skills to earn yourself a free shirt (or shirts). When you order a tee, you'll get a customized referral link (plus easy buttons where you can shoot it directly to Facebook, Twitter, etc) to share with friends. Each time you refer a sale, you get 10% of your money ($2.50) back. Refer 10 people, and your shirt's free.

Hatch Magazine Paul Puckett Tee - Scaly Redfish

Don't worry, hats, stickers and other swag are coming too. They're just not ready yet. Stay tuned.


niiice. Both are killer tees.

might just have to grab me one of each.

Finally, my overlooked NJ stripers get some spotlight.

How do you know it's not a MA stripah?

Our stripers get around.

Why won't you sell me a shirt in Canada. Sucks big time...

It won't let you order from Canada? That's hogwash. Let me look into that.

Okay, it should let you order now. Unfortunately, as far as shipping up-charges go, there's no way to distinguish between Canada and Tibet or New Zealand. So, Canadians get stuck for the same shipping upcharge as those folks (another $4).