Save Bristol Bay Seattle Meeting
Save Bristol Bay Hearing to Be Held in Seattle, WA

This Thursday, the EPA will hold a public hearing regarding the proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska. It is the only public hearing on the topic that the EPA will hold outside of the state of Alaska, making it one of the few opportunities for opponents of the proposed mining project in the lower 48 states to show their support for the Bristol Bay region and its fishery in person.

Save Bristol Bay Seattle Meeting

According to, "this is one of those times where you can truly make a difference. Please attend this event and let the EPA know how much Bristol Bay matters to Washington state, through the many jobs and businesses it supports; its lure as a world-class sport fishing destination; and the delicious, sustainable fish that graces our restaurants and dinner plates."

Since active exploration of the proposed Pebble Mine area in Bristol Bay, Alaska began in 2002, the potential impacts and other issues surrounding the proposed mining project have been on the forefronts of minds across the country and across the globe. Discovered in 1986, the Pebble Mine area of Bristol Bay is home to one of the largest deposits of copper, gold, and molybdenum in the world. Bristol Bay also happens to be home to what is considered to be the largest wild salmon fishery in the world. Opponents to the proposed Pebble Mine project have warned for years about the potential disastrous consequences of the project, but the issue is likely to come to a head this year as the owner and driving force behind the exploratory project, Northern Dynasty, intends to file permit applications this year. is requesting that those who plan to attend RSVP for the event, to provide organizers with an estimate of how many supporters to expect.