Pursuing a carbon neutral fly fishing industry

Can an industry entirely reliant on healthy ecosystems achieve net zero emissions?
Dave McCoy speaks to anglers and shop goers inside Emerald Water Anglers in Seattle, Washington

There’s a hydrologic shift happening in the world’s watersheds, one that is profoundly impacting the way rivers flow and how fish exist within increasingly variable and unpredictable environments.

Salmon farming’s dirty business

A new book looks at the “dark underbelly of our favorite fish”
Salmon farm in Scotland (photo: SumOfUs / CC BY 2.0).

Sometimes all it takes is a single photograph to change someone’s mind or inspire them to take action. For Catherine Collins and her husband Douglas Frantz, that was a photo of a yardstick plunged 32 inches into filth below a salmon farm near Port Mouton, Nova Scotia.

Paradise trashed

Once little-known public lands gems are falling victim to throngs of unethical outdoor goers
Photo: Chris Hunt

For the first time ever, I called a law enforcement officer for the U.S. Forest Service to report some significant vandalism on public lands managed by the Forest Service in eastern Idaho.

Everybody has a breaking point. I reached mine last week when, while driving out of McCoy Creek on the Caribou National Forest, I noticed that a rock face had been defaced by some love-struck moron who scribed, in bright white paint, a big heart followed by the name of his sweetheart — “Cathy.”

Lucky girl.

Review: Skwala Carbon waders

Stellar, innovative performance at a reasonable price
Photo: Spencer Durrant

In my previous reviews of Skwala gear, I’ve made no attempt to hide how much I love what this company is doing. They’re new, as of 2022, with just a few products. But a number of the items they have on the market are head-and-shoulders above much of their competition, and I particularly love what that means for anglers. When one company sets the bar this high, the rest will try to become the top dog. For us anglers, that means we end up with better gear.