Giveaway: Airflo Rage Compact Skagit Head

We're giving away one of Airflo's relatively new Rage Compact floating skagit head lines. This new type of compact skagit head was designed by Tim Rajeff of Rajeff Sports and Tom Larimer to fill a void in the world of compact skagit heads. As Tom puts it, "what [he] really wanted was a Spey line built for surface and near-surface presentations that bucked like a Skagit but still had the finesse of a Scandi."

Airflo Rage Compact
The Airflo Rage Compact Skagit head

As I'm certainly no expert in the world of compact skagit heads, I can't list all of the ways this versatile new floating head can be utilized. However, the Rage Compact is a versatile line to say the least, with applications in both floating line and light sinking leader spey presentations and switch rod presentations. We're giving away the Rage Compact in 480 grains. It is a 30ft head. This should be good for switch and spey rods in sizes 6-8, though personal preferences will allow you to expand on these suggested sizes if you know what you're doing.

To throw your hat in the ring for the giveaway, you need only do two things. First, Follow us on Twitter or Like our Facebook page. Please write a tweet or wall post linking to the contest. Second, post a comment below (you can login with Facebook to do so if you don't feel like registering, sorry no Twitter signin yet) telling us how and where you'll use Airflo's Rage Compact. Those outside the US should feel free to enter, we're happy to ship anywhere.

For more info on the Airflo Rage Compact, check out designer Tom Larimer's post about developing this new skagit head.