A Pocketful of Electric Ants

Sometimes you only have to tell a guy once that behaving a certain way could have consequences. But when the warning signs outnumber logic, you can’t blame a fellow for being a bit skeptical. In the case of tropical northern Queensland, put your skepticism aside -- everything here wants to kill you. In fact, plane tickets to Cairns should come with a warning label, much like a pack of cigarettes, or rat poison, or hydrochloric acid or ... you get the idea.

Tar Trees Warning

For instance, the short walk from the hotel in Port Douglas in the tropical north of Queensland to the beach was a jaunt ripe with caution.

First, I was told by the concierge not to touch the tar tree along the trail through the jungle to the water. Nasty burns, he told me--enough to ruin a weekend.

The Ultimate Fly Fishing Gift: Patagonia

Been struggling to find just the right gift for the angler that has everything? Well, search no longer. Give the gift of Patagonia. Heck, for the price of a fly rod (if you're into really scarce, antique bamboo, that is), you can send your favorite angler on the trip of a lifetime, with us, when we head to Patagonia this April.

Patagonia's Malleo River
Patagonia's Malleo River (photo: Matt Jones).

Yes, that's intentionally a bit tongue-in-cheek. Fly fishing vacations aren't the sort of thing you toss under the tree in a box. But, if you've got Patagonia pegged high on your list of dream travel destinations -- and we've yet to meet an angler for which it doesn't -- you'll want to learn more about what we've got in store this April.

Review: Orvis Silver Sonic Guide Waders

It has been a while since I’ve acquired a new pair of waders, mostly as a result of my preference to wade wet whenever temperatures will allow, thus limiting my need to replace my sad old pair of White Rivers. But, given that I’ve been seeking to expand my season, it was time to get into a new pair. Given the positive feedback that Orvis' Silver Sonic Guide waders have been receiving from the field since their release, they seemed like a good place to start.

Orvis Silver Sonic Guide Waders

Orvis termed this new addition to their Silver Sonic wader lineup “guide” waders because of the way they’re built to stand up to abuse. To quantify that, Orvis compares them to other waders in the Silver Sonic line, rather than using ambiguous language about competitor’s offerings. If you’ve ever inspected the other waders in the Silver Sonic line, you know that they’re well made, hardy waders themselves, making the fact that Orvis describes the Silver Sonic Guides as 4 times more abrasion resistant and 40% more puncture resistant than the Silver Sonic convertibles truly something to talk about.

The Silver Sonic Guide Waders are constructed with Orvis’ SonicSeam ® technology (no stitching) and according to Orvis they are bulletproof. Orvis touts them as likely to outlast your last 3 pairs of waders combined. But, being durable isn’t all a great pair of waders needs to be, they need to be comfortable and offer features that can make your day on the river more convenient and successful.