3 Videos to Watch

What's more hardcore than fly fishing? Fly fishing + skiing + snowboarding. This stunning short film was made by Scumliner media for the recently completed Orvis Guide Rendezvous and Down the Hatch Film Festival. The film provides a heart-pounding look at two fishermen who mix winter sports with fly fishing on the might Missouri River.

Oh, wait. That's not what it does at all. What it does is remind us that we're out there in search of fun, not image. "When we set up the shot, we really didn't think that was going to slide. Of course, we didn't really talk about it either." Enjoy.

2015 Dates for The Fly Fishing Show Announced

Though it seems like this year's Fly Fishing Show tour just finished up, the folks at The Fly Fishing Show have already gotten their ducks in line and put together next year's show calendar. This year's shows were said to be the most successful in the show's history, with record attendance and a great deal of positive feedback from show goers on the excellent floor displays, guest presentations, the IF4 film tour and more.

The Fly Fishing Show
Show goers inspect the Patagonia booth at this year's Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ.

Locations for the 2015 shows are unchanged from this year and the schedule also remains roughly the same, with the one exception being that the Denver show will be held a week later this year to avoid conflicts with New Years Eve/Day.

Here are the dates for the 2015 Fly Fishing Shows:


Huck Finn

I cut me a good straight sapling, ‘bout half-ag'in tall as Pap.

Decided to go with the Predator - graphite, 7’10” 6wt. It’s sturdy in the backbone and fast enough for big flies and a good strong hookset. Slotted on a mid-arbor Battenkill III, the perfect compliment. Good drag and quick retrieve.

Found some old string behind Widow Douglas' place.

Spooled up a 7wt bass taper, overlining the Predator a step. Heavy front end punches the breeze and carries wind resistant bass bugs well while the stiffer coating doesn’t go noodley in warm waters. Added a six-foot 1X knotless tapered monofilament leader, stout enough to turn over the big stuff.