winter fly fishing
Photo: Joe Rossi

Winter fly fishing: A different world

Winter is the most unique of all fly fishing seasons

Spring, summer, and autumn remain distinctly different seasons of the year yet fish in a faintly similar fashion. Blue-winged olives are a staple spring and fall hatch, while a reasonably sized elk hair caddis will produce fish more often than not for three-quarters of the year.

fly fishing Madison river
Selecting a fly on the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park (photo: John Juracek).

Does fly pattern matter?

How often is fly choice your limiting factor

Certain beliefs are so widely and deeply entrenched in our sport that they’re essentially considered givens, and rarely, if ever, called into question. One of the most closely held says that fly pattern matters. Matters in terms of success. We’re taught to believe that our choice of fly is responsible for the fish we catch, and that if we merely find the right fly, our success will know no bounds. But does it really work that way? Is our choice of fly that critical? Good question.

fly fishing short cast
Photo: John Juracek

How to cast 20 feet

Doing it well isn't as easy as you think

At the most recent Federation of Fly Fishermen conclave held in West Yellowstone, among other activities there was a lot of fly casting taking place. Never one to ignore such a thing, I took in the proceedings with great interest. The wide variety of casting skills I saw on display reminded me—as always—that one of the most difficult things to do in all of fly fishing is to cast twenty feet.

fishing sun protection gear
Photo: Austin Orr

The sun ain't no joke

Avoiding holes in your face, skin cancer and other similar indignities

Terrific. Another hole in my face. My fourth. And not the fun kind, either. No cool piercings, this. Serious scalpel work. Micro-sharp curved Japanese surgical silicon, digging chunks of flesh – cancerous flesh - from my cabeza like fruit salad melon balls. Then, to cover the divots, layers of skin subcutaneously cut and stretched to cover the excavation. Two in my forehead, one in my right temple, and a chunk out of my nose, a few years ago, that made me cry, certain that I was permanently disfigured.

The sun ain’t no joke, my friends, and years of it add up.

trout soft hackle

RIO intros free fly fishing 'How To' video series

New instructional video series tackles a diverse range of subjects

Over recent years, a number of fly fishing brands have gotten into the video gig producing videos that introduce customers to their products or provide instruction on a wide variety of fly fishing topics. RIO has been no stranger to video, releasing video tutorials on topics ranging from knot tying to welding your own sink tip loops, with a focus primarily on products like fly lines, leaders and tippets which RIO makes.


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