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The Ultimate Fly Fishing Gift: Patagonia

Been struggling to find just the right gift for the angler that has everything? Well, search no longer. Give the gift of Patagonia. Heck, for the price of a fly rod (if you're into really scarce, antique bamboo, that is), you can send your favorite angler on the trip of a lifetime, with us, when we head to Patagonia this April.

Patagonia's Malleo River
Patagonia's Malleo River (photo: Matt Jones).

Yes, that's intentionally a bit tongue-in-cheek. Fly fishing vacations aren't the sort of thing you toss under the tree in a box. But, if you've got Patagonia pegged high on your list of dream travel destinations -- and we've yet to meet an angler for which it doesn't -- you'll want to learn more about what we've got in store this April.

Our Most Read Articles of 2014

Each year, around this time, we take a look back to see which of our articles are read the most. Not only does it give us a great deal of insight into what our readers value, it's a lot of fun and there are always a few surprises in the mix. The three articles that follow reached more people in more places than everything else we submitted for your review this past year.

12 Dry Fly Fishing Tips

On Top: 12 Tips for Catching More, Bigger and More Difficult Fish on Dry Flies

Articles about tips and technique are almost always popular. For the most obvious of reasons -- we all want to catch more fish -- an angler that isn't fairly insatiable about learning is a rare one. Even the shortest tidbit about angling tactics and strategy can offer the potential for big changes in fishing success, and so most anglers are eager to lay their eyes on as much educational material as they can.

Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Week #2: Sole Spikes

Earlier this week, we announced via social media the prizes for the second week in our 5 Weeks of Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffers giveaway. For those of you that missed the details on social media, this week we'll be giving away a set of Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes to five winning anglers.

Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes

If you're not familiar with Sole Spikes, now is a particularly good time of year to remedy that. Sole Spikes are perhaps best though of as premium wading boot studs without the premium price tag and paltry stud count that typically accompanies packs of high-end studs. With winter conditions setting in across the country, wading conditions have become treacherous not only in our streams but increasingly so along their banks. So, if your boots aren't already studded up, they probably should be.

Fly Fishing Gift Idea: 25% Off All Prints

One of the lesser known features here on Hatch Magazine is the ability to buy prints of any of the photos we showcase here and adorn your home with some beautiful fly fishing art. Or, better yet, if you're looking for a fly fishing gift that will be appreciated for many years to come, this may be it. And we're not talking about junky prints. These are meant to be permanent pieces of art in your home, office, fly shop or whatever you'd like to decorate with great fly fishing art. Each of the photos we showcase is available as a standard print, large poster, fine art photographic print, a canvas gallery wrap and more -- all printed on high quality papers, canvas, frames and more by the experts at Bay Photo.

Matt Jones Fly FIshing Prints
A pretty pair, from Matt Jones' collection on fly fishing for Bolivian Golden Dorado.

To browse the available printing/purchase options, just head to our photography section and browse any of our recent photography collections, such as the examples above which are from Matt Jones' collection titled "In Search of the Golden Dorado". As you view each collection, you'll see a shopping cart option in the upper right hand corner on your screen. Simply click on the shopping cart to see all of the available buying options including examples of what your selected photo will look like when printed.

4 Things All Anglers Should Be Thankful For

Typically, hokey holiday-themed pieces aren't my thing. But, at a time when it seems that fewer and fewer anglers are in tune with the things that we should all be thankful for, this year's Thanksgiving holiday seemed like a good opportunity for a few reminders. No angler is more fortunate than the American angler, and sincerely acknowledging some of the things that make us so can help keep us on task.

Grande Ronde River
The Grande Ronde River, a BLM Scenic and Wild Waterway (photo: RW Bailey).

Our Public Lands

This is the big one. The US public lands system -- our National Parks, National Forests, BLM Lands and so on -- is unparalleled across the globe. It provides anglers in America free access to vast swaths of wilderness not only to fish but to hunt, hike, camp, ride horses or ATVs and graze cattle. This endowment of public lands, set up by visionary leaders of our country's past, is something that we have all grown up with. It is stitched into the fabric of what it means to be an American. They are truly our lands. And our ownership of them is a privilege that is virtually wholly unknown to citizens of most other countries across the world, where hunting and fishing lands are almost entirely under private control.