Trans-Angler: Born again

Fly rod baptism

I’ve been searching for the word, and the word is “guilt.” That’s what I felt — guilt.

I felt guilty because I enjoyed the climate change-fueled El Nino that produced 70-degree days through most of December. In years past I would have cursed the warm temps while sitting in the deer woods. But this year I’ve got a fly rod.

El Salamontes Lodge in Chilean Patagonia (photo: Earl Harper).
Taken on a small creek near El Salamontes Lodge in Chilean Patagonia (photo: Earl Harper).

Patagonia Photography and Fly Fishing Workshops: Mar 19-29

Up your photography game while visiting and fishing northern Patagonia

Ever come back from a weeklong fishing trip excited to show everybody all of the wonderful photos you took, only to find that none of them look quite the way you expected them to? Don't worry, you're not alone. The ability to capture the moment on the water with your camera isn't about how fancy (and expensive) your camera is, it is about having the right skill set. Photographers make pictures, not cameras.

The ECHO BASE fly rod and ION reel (Photo: Johnny Carrol Sain).

Trans-Angler: First impressions

Lawn casting, bimini twists and wet feet

If you’ve kept up with comments on the first installment of “Trans-Angler,” you’ll note that my ECHO fly rod and reel arrived courtesy of UPS on the very day that story published. I wish I had some insightful comments about ECHO products, but as a newbie all I can offer is that they look cool. The ION reel looks like a quality piece of work and I really like the deep blue color of my BASE 6 weight rod.