2015 Dates for The Fly Fishing Show Announced

Though it seems like this year's Fly Fishing Show tour just finished up, the folks at The Fly Fishing Show have already gotten their ducks in line and put together next year's show calendar. This year's shows were said to be the most successful in the show's history, with record attendance and a great deal of positive feedback from show goers on the excellent floor displays, guest presentations, the IF4 film tour and more.

The Fly Fishing Show
Show goers inspect the Patagonia booth at this year's Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ.

Locations for the 2015 shows are unchanged from this year and the schedule also remains roughly the same, with the one exception being that the Denver show will be held a week later this year to avoid conflicts with New Years Eve/Day.

Here are the dates for the 2015 Fly Fishing Shows:

Yet Another Blow to Pebble Mine: Rio Tinto Pulls Out

The proposed Pebble Mine project received yet another blow yesterday when majority owner Northern Dynasty's (NAK) remaining partner, mining behemoth Rio Tinto (RIO) announced it would withdraw from the project and donate its 19% stake to regional charities.

Bristol bay Rainbow Trout
A Bristol Bay rainbow trout. (photo: Chad Shmukler)

After losing major partner Anglo American in September of last year, the Pebble Mine project has seen its prospects continue to dwindle in 2014. The EPA announced in March, after the release of its final assessment of the potential impact of large scale mining in the Bristol Bay region, that it would undertake a detailed review of the "potential adverse environmental effects of discharges of dredged and fill material associated with mining the Pebble deposit. The review delays the issuance of permits necessary for the project to move forward and may result in the EPA leveraging veto powers its is granted under section 404(c) of the Clean Water Act to permanently block the project.

New Book: The Tug is the Drug

The world of publishing continues to change at a bewildering rate. For the most part, whether in the world of news, periodicals or books, this is largely a result of a great deal of publishing shifting from print to digital. Websites have wiped out countless newspapers across the globe, print magazines continue to become more specialized as those that are less so are easily replaceable by digital content and eBook sales have continued to gain a share of the book market. If you're one of the stalwarts holding out for print, there's good reason to be, but there's also good reason to recognize the virtues of digital media: it is available on demand in seconds or minutes, reduces waste and is less costly for the publisher.

Tug is the Drug Book

The last of those reasons -- the bit about it requiring less publisher overhead to produce an electronic publication -- has long been touted as a route to readers having access to more titles at cheaper prices. For some time, in the world of books the cost savings seemed to be doing little more than getting shoved into publisher pockets, but in recent years eBook prices have dropped and are expected to continue doing so, making them a value even when compared to the paperback versions of most books.

RIO Introduces Two New Lines for Stillwater Anglers

Anglers who ply the still waters of lakes and the like in search of trout or warm water species such as largemouth bass don't always get the most attention from gear manufacturers. In 2012, RIO introduced its InTouch series of fly lines made specially for stillwater angling, which were awarded with EFFTEX's "Best New Fly Line" award that year. Yesterday, RIO announced two new lines in the InTouch Lake series, the InTouch Camolux and the InTouch Midge Tip Long.

RIO InTouch Camloux Line
The RIO InTouch Camloux fly line.

The InTouch CamoLux features a sink rate of 1.5-2.0 inches per second, an ultra-low stretch core and a built-in “hang marker” (at the 13 foot mark) to help anglers gauge when to recast or "fish the hang", a commonly used stillwater tactic that involves pausing or very slowly moving the fly with a rod lift at the end of the retrieve.

Kype Magazine Under New Ownership

There are many standouts amongst the rapidly growing ranks of women in the sport of fly fishing. One of our favorites is Aileen Lane. We've had the great pleasure of working with Aileen over the last year, sharing her insight on the expanding field of women-specific fly fishing products, bringing you her detailed and innovative fly tying recipes and more. Given that we've come to know Aileen as a creative and dedicated professional, we were pleased to learn that Aileen would be taking over as publisher and owner of George Douglas' long-standing online publication Kype Magazine, though the news was admittedly a tad bittersweet since it means we'll be losing Aileen as a regular contributor.

Kype Magazine Logo

Kype Magazine has traditionally been primarily focused on the steelhead and trout waters of the American midwest. With Aileen at the helm, Kype plans not only to shift its focus to include the many great western waters, but also expand its coverage to "trout streams across the continent."