idaho watercraft check station
The watercraft check station is open on the Idaho-Montana border. All vehicles carrying or pulling watercraft must stop for inspection before entering Idaho (photo: Kris Millgate).

A closer look at the Yellowstone River fish kill

What Idaho can teach us about Montana's closures and PKD

Whitefish belly up on my right. Few minutes later, another one off the nose of the boat. It’s early fall on the South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho. The cool release following summer heat is a relief, but it didn’t come soon enough in this cottonwood-lined corridor. Dead whitefish are the fatal sign and the sight is alarming. Whitefish are a river’s canary in a coalmine. If something is wrong with whitefish, something is wrong with the river.

yellowstone cutthroat
Fly fisherman Todd Lanning shows off a native Yellowstone cutthroat trout caught on the Yellowstone River (courtesy Todd Lanning).

Cutting for cutthroat

Yellowstone throws net wide to save native fish

The message comes in via text: “Millgate, get up here. We gotta fish. The Yellowstone is like it used to be.”

Scientific Anglers amplitude fly line

IFTD 2016 highlights: Rods, reels and lines

Standout products from Orlando

As it does every year, the industry toted its biggest and best new products at this year's IFTD/ICAST show in Orlando, Florida. The breadth of new products this year came as a surprise to many, given how prolific and innovative manufacturers across the industry have been over the last few years.

Even with three days spent walking the floor of this year's show, there was scarcely enough time to take in all the new offerings. What follows are just some of this year's standouts in new rods, reels and lines.

asquith fly rod
The new G. Loomis 'Asquith' fly rod (photo: Chad Shmukler).

G. Loomis is back and going big with its new Asquith fly rods

Loomis looks to make a splash with its new flagship rod series

It's probably not fair to say that G. Loomis is "back". After all, Loomis hasn't gone anywhere. But, it has been around 6 years since G. Loomis last dropped a high-end rod release on the fly fishing world. And that one was a big one, Loomis' NRX which, for a couple of years after being introduced, was one of the fly fishing world's most coveted rods. In the years since, the NRX has quietly remained one of the finest fly fishing tools on the market, has maintained devoted fans and an unwavering hallmark as one of the industry's finest rods.

iftd 2016 best of show award
AFFTA president Ben Bulis presents the Sage fly fishing team with IFTD's 2016 'Best of Show' award (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Sage X tops list of 'Best of Show' winners at IFTD 2016

Simms, Umpqua and Patagonia also rack up multiple wins

Each year at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show, hundreds of industry professionals select their picks for the best new rods, reels, lines, apparel and other gear. This year, a record number of attendees voted to determine this year's winners. When the results shook out, Sage's new flagship fly rod, the Sage X, stole the spotlight with wins in three categories — Best Freshwater Fly Rod, Best Saltwater Fly Rod and Best in Show. The wins marked the first time in IFTD history that the same series of rod has racked up wins in both fly rod categories and 'Best of Show'.


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