Susitna River
Photo: Travis Rummel

No Su Dam: Alaskan governor cancels Susitna River hydro project

Flawed mega-dam proposal falls victim to wide public opposition, Alaskan budget crisis

After years of tireless advocacy from groups like Trout Unlimited, the Susitna River Coalition and others, the ongoing effort by the Alaskan government to put a mega hydroelectric power dam on the Susitna River has come to an end. Yesterday, Alaskan governor Bill Walker announced that, as part of $1.5 billion in extensive budget cuts, the Susitna-Watana Dam project would be cancelled.

The Susitna is the nation's fourth longest undammed river and is home to Alaska's fourth largest king salmon run. The dam, if completed, would have been the second tallest in the United States.

Sage X fly rod
Testing the new Sage X fly rod on Washington's Yakima River (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Sage introduces the X

The new rod series marks the culmination of 10 generations of rod making innovation

There's a reason that Sage is one of the industry's biggest and most heralded rod makers. Since it's founding in 1980 by rod designer Don Green, Sage has been producing some of the best and most innovative rods on the market. Rod series like Sage's RPL have achieved near mythical status in the memories of anglers, and the pedigree of Sage's flagship rods breeds an anticipation regarding what's next that is perhaps unmatched elsewhere in the industry. Today, Sage answered that question of what's next by introducing the Sage X, it's latest flagship offering.

Ben Bulis - AFFTA CEO - Saltwater Fly Fishing

Big Ben

A word with AFFTA's CEO

Ben Bulis has a large following. A large following of acronyms after his name. As American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) chief executive officer and president, AFFTA CEO follows his name wherever it’s written.

​But it’s not in writing in the Gulf of Mexico and that’s where I am with Bulis. We’re surrounded by water instead of words and snapper instead of trout, which we both cherish in our home waters of the West.

ice harbor dam snake river
Ice Harbor Dam (photo: Salmon Recovery).

Latest ruling is another victory for Snake River salmon and steelhead

The Snake's dams move one step closer to removal

Last week, a federal judge ruled that the government's current plan for management and restoration of wild salmon and steelhead populations on the Snake River is in violation of both the federal Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, primarily due to its allowance of continued operation of the lower system of dams on the Snake, which it deemed a threat to the continued existence the Snake's native, imperiled fish populations.

Women fly fishing - moms on the water
Photo: Windy Davis

Women on the water

If mom is out, the kids are out

I’m learning about saltwater fisheries in Galveston, Texas. It’s a manly affair. This stands to reason since I’m an outdoor journalist in an industry dominated by men. I’m here to learn about red snapper and I’m concentrating on harvest statistics when my phone buzzes. My husband herds our kids solo when I’m on the road so I rarely ignore a buzz from home. You never know what our wild ones are doing. The screen lights up and all fishing facts leave my head.


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