RIO continues specialty line expansion with Tarpon Quickshooter lines

RIO has been steadily adding to its lineup of specialty fly lines, especially in the tropical saltwater arena. Over the last year or so, RIO has added its award-winning permit line and GT (giant trevally) lines to its specialty tropical saltwater offerings. Yesterday, RIO announced the addition of two new specialty lines aimed at tarpon anglers.

RIO Tarpon Quickshooter fly line

The two new tarpon lines, the Tarpon Quickshooter floating and Tarpon Quickshooter floating/intermediate join not only RIO's lineup of tropical saltwater lines, but also mark its second release of what it calls "Quickshooter" style lines (in addition to its Bonefish Quickshooter lines).

Exposing the effort to seize America's public lands

When Montana Gov. Steve Bullock stood before hundreds of camo-clad activists who descended on the Montana capitol in Helena last week and said, “I don’t want Montana to be recognized for a half-baked scheme that would endanger our public lands and our economy,” the applause was thunderous.

Denver Public Lands Rally
Sportsmen and women gather at the Colorado Capitol in Denver to oppose efforts to transfer public lands from the federal government to the states.

But the “scheme” is pervasive.

Montana is but one of a half-dozen or so states entertaining legislative proposals, bills or studies that, should they succeed, could transfer ownership of federal public lands to the states for management. In Utah, the state Legislature has gone from entertaining the idea to actually passing a bill in 2012 to seize those lands, and to act on the new law by spending $2 million annually in taxpayer money to educate and litigate. Utah’s law likely won’t pass a constitutional litmus test, and the so-called “deadline” for the transfer to take place came and went on Dec. 31, 2014, without a single acre changing hands. But Utah’s law appears to have emboldened uber-conservative lawmakers in states like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Washington, as they to try to achieve similar outcomes.

Orvis to expand Recon lineup with 9 new models

Orvis's new, mid-priced Recon rod series has been garnered with heaps of positive feedback since its announcement last summer. While the Recon is being touted as Helios 2-like in its feel and performance, a fact that surprises few given the Recon is based on the Helios 2's design, the Recon series is built on a unique set of tapers and blanks that use less expensive materials than Orvis's flagship rods. The result, many have noted, is a rod with high-end performance but without the high-end price tag. Late last week, Orvis announced they are expanding the Recon lineup with nine new models, expanding the full lineup to 18 rods.

Orvis Recon Fly Rod

Inlcuded in the ranks of the nine new models are three specialty "brush rods" designed specifically for fighting big game in backcountry environments, such as snook and baby tarpon in tight mangrove quarters. Also amongst the newcomers are five new longer models, including 10 foot models in sizes 4, 5, 7 and 8 as well as a 9' 6" six weight. The new models are slated for availability come May 2015.

Douglas introduces new 'Upstream' small stream fly rod series

Douglas Outdoors, a newcomer of a company run by long time industry veterans, has received numerous accolades this year for its initial rod offerings, most notably its DXF fly rods. Adding to its existing rod lineup, Douglas has recently introduced its new Upstream rod series. According to Douglas, the response to the introduction of the Upstream series has been so positive, that they've doubled their initial production plans.

Douglas Upstream Fly Rod

The Upstream series is built specifically for small stream fishing, specifically what Douglas calls "bush and upcountry" angling. The rods are designed to be ultra-light and minimalist in their design and their tapers are targeted towards anglers that need to be able to control their line and catch when casting and working in close. The rods, with their all-cork, threadless ring reel seats, are evocative of something you'd see from a custom rod builder.

RIO Releases New GT Fly Line

If you've ever fished for Giant trevally, you know that it introduces its own unique set of challenges. The biggest of the jack family (Carangidae), GT are ferocious predators. Due to their aggressive nature, GT are considered less difficult to hook than many other tropical saltwater species that are often targeted on the fly. The challenges when fishing for GT comes in the form of casting big, heavy rods and large flies and, once they've been hooked, holding on and hoping your gear holds on long enough to land them.

Giant Trevally

Continuing its expansion of its specialty fly lines, RIO has released a new line specifically targeted at GT fishermen. According to RIO, its new GT line is "built on an ultra strong core and is designed with a short, heavy head to carry big flies on powerful fly rods. The powerful front taper casts very large flies with ease, but the biggest benefit of this line is the core strength. The extremely tough core has a breaking strength in excess of 50 pounds to easily battle large fish and to resist cuts from coral and rock structures."