goliath grouper
Ryan Kane, Southern Instinct owner and guide, releases a goliath grouper that ate a cobia, which was on the line for eating herring bait (photo: Kris Millgate).

For large grouper, a precarious rebound

The debate over the Ocean's Goliath

I grew up far from the ocean so the only goliath I knew was the one David dropped with a slingshot. I don’t know how much that giant weighed on land, but the ocean beast with the same name tips nearly half a ton. Goliath grouper can live 40 years and can weigh 800 pounds. The one I’m looking at is less than half that size, but it’s still a lot of fish. Or a lot of fish to eat if that’s the side of the table you’re sitting on.

100% for the planet patagonia

Patagonia to give away 100% of its Black Friday sales

Company will donate all online and retail store sales to environmental grassroots organizations

This isn’t the first year that Patagonia has taken a stand against Black Friday—the brand’s infamous “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign being the most memorable example—but the company’s stance this year might be its most aggressive yet. Patagonia announced yesterday that it will be giving 100% of its global Black Friday sales both online and in its retail stores to environmental grassroots organizations.

Red Rock Canyon nevada
Photo: Chris Bamber

As the dust settles

Post-election, Congress wants to give away American lands

In the wake of the November elections, the eyes of the nation are on the incoming administration. How will it take shape? Which campaign promises will become reality and which will not? With many questions unanswered even during the campaign, anglers specifically are wondering whether the new administration will adopt policies that reflect or threaten our sporting heritage. But while focus is turned to the President-elect, members of Congress beholden to special interests are wasting no time in promoting legislation that would exploit and seize U.S. public lands and waters.

shocked fish in net
Shocked fish are netted and brought to the boat by the dozens. While stunned and immobile for a few minutes, the fish are measured and tagged then released back into the river (photo: Kris Millgate).

The current in the current

Shocking fish for population stats

I prefer to fish via drift boat, but on this late fall day, I’m fishing from a jet boat. Well, sort of. We’re cheating the system in the name of science and the fishing has never been better.

​My waded and booted body is braced against a rail system decorating the front of the boat. The top rail hits me well above the waist. This is a good thing. A higher rail holds me in better. There’s electricity in the water and the last thing I want to do is go overboard.

malheur wildlife refuge takeover
Mark Heckert, a sportsman from Washington, traveled to Oregon during the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge takeover in January to show his opposition to the movement (photo: Kris Millgate).

'Teddy's turning in his grave'

Malheur acquittal handed down on Roosevelt's birthday

Garrett Vene Klasen has Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday in his calendar. He receives annual alerts for Teddy’s special day just like he does for his daughter’s birthday.

“If you’re an outdoors person, Roosevelt should be a central figure in your life,” says Vene Klasen, New Mexico Wildlife Federation executive director. “He created our lifestyle.”


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