Cheeky Intros Affordable Boost Reel Series

One of the standouts amongst the myriad new products on the floor at this year's IFTD show in Orlando, Florida was a new, impressively affordable reel offering from Cheeky Fly Fishing. Cheeky has long been synonymous with building high quality reels that come to market at affordable prices, but Cheeky's new Boost series takes the affordability part a step further.

Cheeky Boost Reels
The new Cheeky Boost reel series. Models 325, 350 and 400 (left to right).

Available in 3 models ranging from sizes 2 to 8, the Boost series retails for a wallet-friendly $209 to $229. Spare spools clock in at under a hundred dollars.

According to Cheeky Fly Fishing's owner, Ted Upton, the Boost series is the result of over a year of development and testing. According to Upton, "The Boost Reel Series is the culmination of a tremendous amount of hard work here at Cheeky. We wanted to design a reel with that distinct Cheeky style and performance, but at a more approachable price point for our customers.”

RIO's Fly Line Selector App

As fishermen, we don't spend a lot of time talking about apps. There are, however, quite a bevy of apps out there made specifically for anglers. Unfortunately, most of them aren't particularly useful. But there are a select few that can be assets whether you're on the water, in the field, or on your couch planning next outing. RIO has recently released a fly line selector app which strives to demystify the process of selecting a fly line for a given rod or application, and it seems destined to join that smaller crowd of fishing apps -- the useful ones.

RIO Fly Line Selector App

Let's face it, while not always the case, choosing a fly line can be perplexing. And, every time it seems like the industry is starting to simplify choices on the fly line front, things take a turn for the more complicated. The process can be especially troublesome for those that don't spend their time poring over product SKUs and keeping tabs on each fly line company's new releases and R&D efforts -- in other words: most fly fishers.

IFTD 2014 Highlights: Packs and Bags

Although the list of winners that emerge from each year's International Fly Tackle Dealer show helps highlight the crowd favorites in many a category of fly fishing gear, very notable products often don't get enough recognition. Recently, we highlighted some of the most intriguing fly fishing accessories from this year's show in Orlando, Florida, and now we're back to shed light on some of the standouts packs and bags.

Waist packs, chest packs and sling packs have become as essential a piece of fly fishing gear as the venerable vest, but are constantly evolving as they still relatively new. Manufacturers keep finding way to pack in more thoughtful features, make the packs wear better, hold up longer and so on. And much of the same can be said of waterproof storage and fly fishing luggage. Here are a few of this year's highlights.

Vedavoo Tight Lines Beast Sling Pack
Scott Hunter demos the Vedavoo Tight Lines Beast Sling Pack.

Buy a Shirt, Help Simms and TRCP Preserve Fish Habitat

Simms Fishing and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) are teaming up in an effort to raise money to fuel efforts to conserve what the two companies call critical fish habitat. For a limited time, Simms will donate a portion of the proceeds from sales one of its best-selling fishing shirts to the TRCP.

The Simms Ebbtide fishing shirt.
The Simms Ebbtide fishing shirt.

Until August 28th, Simms will send a full 50 percent its revenue from sales of its Ebbtide fishing shirts (retail price $59.95) to the TRCP, with that money specifically slated for fish habitat conservation efforts. Regarding the partnership effort, Simms' president K.C. Walsh noted, “Helping conserve critical fishing habitat is something we are very concerned about at SIMMS. TRCP has always been at the forefront of assuring anglers will have great fisheries for generations to come.”

Motorcycle Mike: Who Are the Real Experts?

Twenty years ago, I was a fly fishing guide on the Henry’s Fork, which, as most of you know, is one of the world’s most famous trout streams. Anglers from all over the globe visited Last Chance, Idaho in the hope of catching a few of those spectacular Henry’s Fork rainbows, and a fair number of those anglers hired guides to increase their odds of success..

Sunset at The Ranch on the Henry's Fork (photo: Todd Tanner).
Sunset at The Ranch on the Henry's Fork (photo: Todd Tanner).

Back in 1992, a fellow by the name of Motorcycle Mike was a fixture in Last Chance. If you believed his stories, Mike had at various times been a heart surgeon, a tarpon guide in the Florida Keys, and a colonel in the military. Regardless, Mike spent the spring and summer of ‘92 sweeping the floor in the A-Bar and doing odd jobs for local businesses and homeowners. During our occasional conversations it became painfully clear that Mike knew almost nothing about trout fishing on the Henry’s Fork.

Now none of this would have mattered if Mike didn’t make a habit of riding his little motorcycle to the river, finding a prominent position on the bank, and dispensing his angling wisdom to every drift boat that floated past.