YETI Tundra 40 and Rambler bottles

New body-sized YETI cooler, Rambler bottles and a bigger Hopper

New travel bottles and lots of bigger from YETI

If it says YETI on it, it sells. That's sort of been the way it's gone over the last few years. YETI's soft-sided cooler, the Hopper, has been hard for stores to keep in stock since YETI announced it in 2014 and its Rambler Colster was one of this holiday season's hard-to-find gifts. But it really doesn't matter what it is; if dons the YETI moniker, it sells.

Protestor's sign - Malheur Wildlife Refuge - Oregon
Photo: Kris Millgate

Seeking refuge: from Darling to Malheur

Contrasting perceptions of public lands from one coast to the other

The first time I visited a national wildlife refuge in Florida, I couldn’t see a thing. The power on Sanibel Island was out. I could only hear the ocean rolling in the licorice colored light.

A week later, I couldn’t see a thing when I visited a national wildlife refuge in Oregon for the first time. White fog as thick as marshmallow cream smothered the land. I could only hear cattle calling in the heavy mist.

Weather conditions weren’t the only striking difference. The comparison of public lands from one coast to another within a week’s time provides intriguing contrast.

Olypmic peninsula steelhead
A wild, Olympic Peninsula steelhead (photo: John McMillan, science director for Trout Unlimited’s Wild Steelhead Initiative).

A new era for Olympic Peninsula steelhead

Washington adopts sweeping no-kill regulations

Last week ushered in a new era for the Olympic Peninsula.

In a unanimous vote, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to adopt new rules that would help boost declining wild steelhead populations.

Of those rules, perhaps the most notable is the elimination of harvest of wild steelhead and rainbow trout, bringing the OP in line with many other iconic fisheries who have already already adopted catch and release rules.


$89 ECHO Base turning heads, dropping jaws

Tim Rajeff's entry-level fly rod may be anything but

Tim Rajeff, the man behind every rod that bears the ECHO name, has long been swimming upstream by scoffing at the idea that a good fly rod has to cost a month's rent. And Tim has delivered many ECHO rods that cast and fish extremely well and do so at a price point that drastically lowers the barrier to entry for newcomers to the sport of fly fishing and allows experienced anglers to expand their quiver of rods without going broke in the process.

A sculpin-eating brown trout (photo: Robert King).
A sculpin-eating brown trout (photo: Robert King).

Strip-Set: Fly-Fishing Techniques, Tactics, Patterns for Streamers

George Daniel takes you deep into the world of streamer fishing for trout

If you’re not familiar with George Daniel by now you probably should be. His last book, Dynamic Nymphing, is a best seller and considered by many to be the definitive writing on nymphing styles and techniques. George is both a national and world champion fly-fisherman and has established himself as one of the best educators and instructors in the business.


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