Dessicated soil near the banks of the Missouri River
Dessicated soil near the banks of the Missouri River in Craig, MT (photo: Todd Tanner).

Bad moon rising

It's a tough time to be a fish

It’s a tough time to be a fish. Eastern trout are nearing the end of the line. Salmon are suffering. Our oceans are in trouble.

The Sage MOD, winner of Best Freshwater Fly Rod for 2016.

IFTD 2015 Best of Show winners, highlights

A look at the awards and notables from Orlando

A very busy and energetic IFTD/ICAST show in Orlando came to a close Friday. By and large, manufacturers continued the trend established over the last year or two: continuing to innovate new and improve existing products to perform better, meet niche demands and be more sustainable.

Photo: Chad Shmukler

Simms finally bringing wet wading boots, loads more, to market

Simms outs its new 2015-16 product additions

I've been pissing and moaning for years about the lack of a wet-wading dedicated boot on the market. Given the vast swaths of anglers that ditch their waders as soon as the weather and water get warm enough, it has long seemed like a market vacancy in need of filling. Yet we've been told otherwise — there's no demand, they won't sell, no one wants them — in conversations with almost every wading boot manufacturer out there (including Simms). But thankfully, either the market has changed or Simms is trying to change it.

Striper Fly Fishing - New Jersey
Striper anglers will have three new InTouch striper lines to choose from (photo: Chad Shmukler).

RIO announces army of new lines, products for 2016

New lines, leaders, tippet and other products from RIO

Last week RIO introduced its new InTouch Single Hand Spey line as the first addition to its 2016 lineup. Today, RIO has followed up by announcing a bevy of other new lines and other products, which will join the InTouch Single Hand spey line in RIO's refreshed and seemingly ever-expanding list of offerings.

Photo: Bryce Edwards

Bahamas legislation update, Orvis clarifies position on changes

Promising, albeit limited news

Alfred Gray, the Bahamian Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, has reportedly promised not to screw up the Bahamas nearly $150 million dollar per year sportfishing industry.


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