Olympic Peninsula Wild Steelhead
An Olympic Peninsula Wild Steelhead (photo: Chase Gunnel).

Tell Seafood Watch to take wild steelhead off its menu

The respected Monterey Bay Aquarium's decision to recommend wild steelhead to consumers baffles and angers anglers

There was a time not too long ago when anglers were allowed to kill as many as 30 wild steelhead a year in Washington State. This excessive sport harvest was a major factor in why Steelhead Country, a wondrous place where rivers once ran silver with wild steelhead, has transformed into a state with an abundance of steelhead habitat but a deficiency in wild steelhead.

bears ears national monument
Photo: Mark Toso/Patagonia

Patagonia continues fight to protect Bears Ears with interactive film series

Patagonia continues its leadership on public lands

Patagonia has been one of the leaders not only in decrying the draconian stance Utah's leadership continues to hold towards public lands, but in taking action to put pressure on the state to put an end to their continuing efforts to privatize and undermine access to public lands and to reverse the designation of the newly-minted Bears Ears National Monument.

children's map of rivers in yarn
Photo: Kris Millgate

Coming of age

Recognizing the outdoor industry for what it is

Most moms save their child’s handprints smeared on construction paper with craft paint. I’m saving a smattering of blue yarn embellished with natural hues of brown and green. The keepsake is art in its most juvenile form and yet it is a masterpiece.

The blue yarn outlines our nation’s major rivers. Columbia, Colorado, Mississippi to name a few. The Gulf and Great Lakes are marked too. I’d like to say I’ve fished them all, but I haven’t. I’d like to say they’re all pristine, but they’re far from it. The Stream Protection Rule was supposed to help with that, but now it’s gone.

idaho river in winter
Photo: Kris Millgate

Who's watching my water?

A look at the local law on federal lands concept

I’m cleaning another pile of fresh snow off the cover on my drift boat. It’s a chore I do almost daily this winter, but I’m not complaining. All this white translates into more water this summer.

My home waters are Idaho’s South Fork of the Snake River, which is buried in snow, and the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, which is farther north and buried in even more snow.

indian creek, bears ears national monument
Looking out on Indian Creek in the Bears Ears National Monument (photo: BLM).

As Patagonia exits in protest, Outdoor Retailer hints at move

Utah leaderships' anti-public lands stance may cost state $50 million annually

Last month, while the twice-annual Outdoor Retailer show was underway in Salt Lake City, two of the outdoor industry's biggest brands—Patagonia and Black Diamond—issued strongly worded letters urging the show to cut its 20-year long ties with the state unless Utah's leadership altered its draconian stance on public lands including the newly minted Bears Ears Monument.


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