$89 ECHO Base turning heads, dropping jaws

Tim Rajeff's entry-level fly rod may be anything but

Tim Rajeff, the man behind every rod that bears the ECHO name, has long been swimming upstream by scoffing at the idea that a good fly rod has to cost a month's rent. And Tim has delivered many ECHO rods that cast and fish extremely well and do so at a price point that drastically lowers the barrier to entry for newcomers to the sport of fly fishing and allows experienced anglers to expand their quiver of rods without going broke in the process.

A sculpin-eating brown trout (photo: Robert King).
A sculpin-eating brown trout (photo: Robert King).

Strip-Set: Fly-Fishing Techniques, Tactics, Patterns for Streamers

George Daniel takes you deep into the world of streamer fishing for trout

If you’re not familiar with George Daniel by now you probably should be. His last book, Dynamic Nymphing, is a best seller and considered by many to be the definitive writing on nymphing styles and techniques. George is both a national and world champion fly-fisherman and has established himself as one of the best educators and instructors in the business.

Montana Ruby River Fly Fishing
Fly fishing on Montana's Ruby River (photo: B. Ater).

Ducks Unlimited decision puts bottom line ahead of ethics

Firing of journalist Don Thomas calls organization's judgement into question

It’s hard to imagine that even a single one of Ducks Unlimited’s more than 750,000 members isn’t presently ashamed of their affiliation with an organization which has long been widely regarded as a well-respected and incredibly accomplished conservation organization. Over the years, Ducks Unlimited (DU) has built for itself a reputation of credibility based largely on its effective grassroots organization, efficient use of dollars and conservation of almost 14 million acres of North American waterfowl habitat.

Umpqua Zero Sweep swiftwater tech vest
The Umpqua Zero Sweep Swiftwater tech vest (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Umpqua debuts 'Zero Sweep' line of packs, vests and more

Aims to make line snags a thing of the past

Umpqua first showed off its new 'Zero Sweep' line of packs, bags, vests and more at this year's IFTD in Orlando and has now formally launched the line. Zero Sweep, which was developed in cooperation with US Special Operations veterans, is more of a design philosophy than it is one particular feature or set of features. The primary goal of 'Zero Sweep' is simple: eliminating, or at least greatly reducing, line snags while on the water.

Simms Warriors & Quiet Waters Waders

Simms new custom wader to benefit wounded veterans

New, limited edition Warriors & Quiet Waters waders from Simms

By virtue of the fact that Simms is still making its waders in their U.S.-based factory in Bozeman, Montana, they're able to produce custom waders. Typically, this has meant Simms' custom waders program, where individuals with unique sizing requirements or preferences can order stockingfoot waders from Simms that are custom-tailored to their needs.


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