Turneffe Atoll Bonefish - Turneffe Flats - Belize
Bigger, bolder photography -- like this capture of a Belizean bonefish from Turneffe Flats -- is one of the best parts of our new look and feel (photo: Chad Shmukler).

New look Hatch Magazine launches today

For the last few months, we've been working on an all-new version of Hatch Magazine, with a completely revamped look and feel. The goal from the outset has been to provide a more pleasant, immersive reading experience complete with bigger, bolder photography. It's not that the existing incarnation of Hatch Magazine is all that bad, its just a bit dated and we knew we could do better. And we have. The new Hatch Magazine is better in every way, and it's almost ready for prime time.

Hatch Magazine Logo

Almost, you say? But it's launching today? Yes. Almost.

Originally, the new Hatch Magazine was slated to launch on May 15. But, an announcement from Google last week -- one which has much of the internet clamoring to take action and gravely worried about potential impacts to their business -- has fast tracked our plans.

Tenkara Summit 2015

Gathering of the tenkara clans

Recently I was at the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine festival as part of the Mossy Creek Fly Fishing crew. At the festival, I gave four on-the-water tenkara demonstrations, two each day. At each demo, 30-50 people came down to watch, wiggle the rods and ask questions.

Tenkara Summit 2015

I am giving more and more presentations each year and I’m not alone. A quick scan of Facebook will show you a number of other people giving individual presentations all over the country.

The really exciting thing that is happening is the growing number of tenkara specific gatherings taking place. I have been to a few in the past and they are a great chance to learn techniques and tactics, see a variety of products and network with tenkara enthusiasts.

Tenkara, once considered a passing fancy, has truly become a movement.

Weber River Utah

Utah stream access advocates win Weber River case

The Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC), which has been fighting to restore public access to streams and rivers throughout Utah, took a significant stride forward on Friday when they were granted a win in the legal battle involving the Weber River. Judge Keith Kelly of Utah's 3rd District Court ruled to restore public access to the Weber, based on his determination that the Weber is indeed a navigable waterway where it crosses the landowner defendant's property.

Weber River Utah

In his decision, Kelly cited well documented historical records of the Weber in use to float timber down from the Uinta Mountains. According to Kelly, the Weber played a "significant role in developing the railroad and mining industries in northern Utah and the surrounding region."

Washington Coast Steelhead

Redington continues 'Find Your Water' video series

Last week, Redington debuted its new 'Find Your Water' web video series. Season 1 of the series is six episodes long and follows Redington ambassadors and others to spots around the country for a look at different fishing locales, techniques and more.

Washington Coast Steelhead

The series debuted with a look at steelheading in what Redington calls its "backyard", Washington's Olympic Peninsula. The series is artfully filmed and offers beautiful footage of different fishing environments across the country.

Photo: Dan Decibel

Barracuda, bonefish on decline in the Florida Keys

Bonefish are on the decline in the Florida Keys. So are the fish that eat them. Barracuda, once a traditional target of winter flats fishing, are now scarce.

“I just started guiding in 2000, which is not long in the whole scheme of things,” Key West guide John O’ Hearn said. “In the winter you could go to any flat and have a few cudas on it, even if it wasn’t a good flat. You could go anywhere and there would be barracudas. Over the years, you had to get better and better [at finding them]. There are places still with good barracuda fishing. You just have to keep working harder and harder.”

Photo: Dan Decibel

With so few fish, O’Hearn and other colleagues in the Lower Keys Guides Association started a Save the Barracuda Campaign and urged the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to implement harvest regulations to protect the saltwater predator.


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