ice harbor dam snake river
Ice Harbor Dam (photo: Salmon Recovery).

Latest ruling is another victory for Snake River salmon and steelhead

The Snake's dams move one step closer to removal

Last week, a federal judge ruled that the government's current plan for management and restoration of wild salmon and steelhead populations on the Snake River is in violation of both the federal Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, primarily due to its allowance of continued operation of the lower system of dams on the Snake, which it deemed a threat to the continued existence the Snake's native, imperiled fish populations.

Women fly fishing - moms on the water
Photo: Windy Davis

Women on the water

If mom is out, the kids are out

I’m learning about saltwater fisheries in Galveston, Texas. It’s a manly affair. This stands to reason since I’m an outdoor journalist in an industry dominated by men. I’m here to learn about red snapper and I’m concentrating on harvest statistics when my phone buzzes. My husband herds our kids solo when I’m on the road so I rarely ignore a buzz from home. You never know what our wild ones are doing. The screen lights up and all fishing facts leave my head.

iron gate dam protest klamath river
Tribal groups protest, calling for the removal of the Iron Gate dam (photo: Patrick McCully).

States, Feds to circumvent Congress, push forward Klamath dam removals

The nation's largest-ever dam removal project to proceed under new agreement

Officials from California, Oregon and the federal government have reached an agreement that would set the nation's largest ever dam removal project, on California's Klamath River, into action. The agreement — which leverages a dam delicensing process at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission — would circumvent a Republican congressional blockade and set into motion a project that would see the Klamath's dams removed by 2020.

steelhead salmon fly fishing

RIO intros new InTouch Salmo/Steelhead fly line

RIO continues expansion of its InTouch lineup

Over the last few years, RIO has been gradually expanding its lineup of fly lines built on top of its ConnectCore technology, lines which it typically bear the InTouch moniker. The latest addition to the InTouch lineup, RIO's InTouch Salmo/Steelhead line, is more than just an existing line updated to include ConnectCore, it is a wholly redesigned offering for the salmon and steelhead fisherman.

Florida Fishing

Failing florida’s fisheries and fishing industries

How the fishing capital of the world became a pollution capital

In much of Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay National Park, the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) and Pine Island Sound, there's far less need to tie weedguards on your flies these days. Because of South Florida’s antiquated water management system, which is mostly designed to provide irrigation and flood control at the expense of Everglades ecosystems, the seagrass meadows in these iconic flats-fishing destinations are fast disappearing.


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