Photo: Trish Hartmann

Is the Bahamas fly fishing economy circling the drain?

New release from the BFFIA confirms the worst of speculations

Since late June, when word first circulated that the Bahamian Department of Marine Fisheries was considering a draconian proposal that would drastically limit or effectively end do-it-yourself (DIY) angling trips and concentrate power and governance over the Bahamas' almost $150 million dollar per year sport fishing industry in the hands of a few select individuals with entrenched personal interests, the assumption has been that — once the light of public opinion shined on what was afoot, once the potential im

Dessicated soil near the banks of the Missouri River
Dessicated soil near the banks of the Missouri River in Craig, MT (photo: Todd Tanner).

Bad moon rising

It's a tough time to be a fish

It’s a tough time to be a fish. Eastern trout are nearing the end of the line. Salmon are suffering. Our oceans are in trouble.

Photo: Steve Zakur

At the turn of the tide

Heeding the call of the salt

Back from a week by the sea, I already find myself scrolling through rentals for next summer. Over the past few summers I've been drawn to the mountains but growing up by the sea, the salt is under my skin in ways that I am reminded at that first whiff of damp, briny air.

Growing up we fished in the ocean. When schoolie stripers were in during the spring I'd sometimes borrow a rod from a buddy and we'd head down to the shore and cast and catch. But there was never the passion, the obsession, that I have today for trout shaped objects.

Pick between two styles: Scaly Redfish (yellow/red) and Striper (charcoal/light blue).

Get some Hatch Magazine gear

Featuring two different pieces of Paul Puckett artwork

We've had a bunch of folks writing via email and social media lately asking where to get Hatch Magazine gear — shirts, hats, stickers and so on. So we decided to stop dragging our feet and get to work on it.

We teamed up with the prolific and stupidly talented Paul Puckett from Flood Tide Co. and have put two shirts together. Each features one of Paul's sketches. You pick: Scaly Redfish or Striper.

Rainbow Trout
From 'Tanner's extra special #1 best ever nymphing tip' (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Our most popular articles of 2015 - Part I

A look at what's been cranking gears so far in 2015

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