Lily Camera
Will the Lily camera be coming along on your fishing trips?

Is the Lily Camera your new fishing buddy?

For many of us, digital image capture has become an integral part of our outdoor excursions, whether to fish, hike, bike or what have you. This is due mostly to technological advancements that have made image capture cheaper, simpler and more affordable. And each of these technological these leaps has forever changed the way we record and share the memories we create when we're out in the wild. The latest of these -- even if it is more of a hop than a leap -- may be the Lily Camera which, since its introduction a few weeks ago, has made a massive splash.

Jungle Tarpon

Hunting jungle poon

While wrapping up a recent trip to Patagonia, a trip I had long dreamed of making, I remarked to one of my traveling companions that Bolivian dorado would likely jump to the top of my list of dream species for which to travel, now that I had scratched Patagonian trout off my list. While Bolivia's dorado may indeed remain at the top of the list, it may just get a stiff challenge from what Nicaragua's Tapam Lodge somewhat disappointingly -- but understandably -- refers to as "jungle poon."

headwater trout stream
This Pennsylvania headwater stream feeds into some of its states greatest trout waters (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Anglers everywhere need to stand up for restored protections to America's rivers and streams

For every angler who plucked their first trout from a black-bottomed beaver pond high in the Rockies under the watchful eye of a father or a grandfather, this day is for you. For every fisherman or fisherwoman whose first bluegill came to hand after it pulled a bobber under water on some lonely little stream shaded by sweet gum trees, this day is for you, too.

Tenkara Fishing
Photo: Tenkara USA

Tenkara Jam 2015

Excuse my indulgence in a little local tenkara cheerleading.

Last October I went to North Carolina for the first Appalachian Tenkara Jam. The Jam was the brainchild of Jason Sparks and Lance Milks who had been mulling the idea of a tenkara gathering for a number of years.

The gathering they had in mind would bring multiple vendors together so participants would have a chance to get some hands-on time with different products. There would also be presentations by tenkara savvy folks who wanted to share tips and tactics they have picked up from experience.

Photo: Chad Shmukler

Tax day schoolies

I'm a trout angler. I don't fish for striped bass. That is, unless I get a text saying that the striped bass are in and that Bob was catching them last night, one per cast.

Last year I fished for striped bass twice. Once in the spring when they clearly weren't there and later in the summer when they were elsewhere as well. I had heard tell of times when the schoolie stripers were on the move and they could be had with abandon but that was last year or last week or at the other spot that I wasn't at.

Until Sunday evening.