air-lock strike indicator
The Air-Lock strike indicator (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Know your indicator

A guide to strike indicators, their best uses and setup

The modern indicator has become ubiquitous. Despite that technical-sounding name, let's face the facts, an indicator is little more than a bobber. You can call it an indicator, a flotation device, or a nymph suspender. Hell, you can call it Suzanne for all I care. But, in the end, it's just a bobber—just like the one you had on the Barbie pole that you took fishing for bluegills when you were six. Not that there's anything wrong with that, let's just be honest with ourselves.

simms downstream jacket
The men's DOWNstream jacket.

Review: Simms DOWNstream Jacket

Getting down to business with Simms new winter workhorse

I’m following tracks along the Snake River. Too small for coyote. Too clawed for rabbit. Otter maybe. Looking for fish just like I am. I’m on snowshoes so I stay farther from the icy edge than the critter, but we’re heading the same way. Upstream. I lean into the biting northern wind and pursue. Winter plowed into eastern Idaho a few days ago. When snow isn’t falling, the temperature is. Twenty below zero one day. I lasted 20 minutes on snowshoes that day. It’s 16 now. I’ll last an hour if the new coat I’m wearing is warm enough.

korkers darkhorse wading boot
Photo: Ryan Kelly

Review: Korkers Darkhorse wading boots

A detailed look at Korkers new do-it-all wading boot

I’ve been fishing a pair of Korkers Devil’s Canyon boots for a little more than a year and have remained convinced that they’re the best wading boots I’ve ever worn. They offered almost everything I want in a wading boot, save for the lack of a gaiter hook ring and a stiffer top section to protect anglers, such as myself, with weak ankles. Despite those missing features, I found myself grabbing those boots more than any others. Then I got my hands on a pair of the new Darkhorse boots from Korkers.

winston air fly rod
Photo: Spencer Durrant

Review: Winston AIR fly rod

Winston's new SuperSilica rod outperforms some of its most heralded vintage graphite

I make no secret about being a Winston aficionado. I own a Winston rod from every production run except for a Loomis-rolled IM6. My quiver is predominantly emerald green.

So when I heard the news of a new rod from Winston I assumed that, as usual, the new rod would replace an existing rod series. However, with the AIR, that’s not the case. It’s a standalone series in weights 2 – 6.

And the more I fish it, the more I think it’s possibly the best fly rod Winston’s ever built.

Mystic Reaper 3 weight
The Mystic Reaper 3 weight (photo: Chris Hunt).

Review: Mystic Reaper fly rod

Chasing grayling, pike and more with Mystic's value rod

I’ve known about Mystic fly rods for a while now—several years. Designer and entrepreneur Dennis Klein and his wife, Victoria, who owns the business, make some fine fishing gear from the company’s small shop in Michigan. If you haven’t heard of Mystic, you need to.


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