Hatch Magazine 2016 Fly Fishing Photo Contest

A True Fishermen

I saw this guy fly fishing on the Caney Fork River, next to my husband and I this spring. The whole thing just threw me for a loop! I was so inspired by this man's determination to do what he loves, despite the obvious restrictions his body has tried to place on his love for fishing and the outdoors. I only hope that I can be like him both now and later in life and enjoy what makes me happy, even if it's not easy.


Looking at him and seeing his love for fishing and the outdoors makes me smile knowing he is doing what he loves to do.. See no matter what your body is telling you, your mind, heart and soul is telling you different.. Through Christ all things are possible. :)

What does Christ have to do with this? The old guy is suffering through pain to do something he loves. If Christ had anything to do with it, the guy wouldn't need a walker to help him get to the stream...

You don't seem to understand Christ or the verse (Philipians 4:13) that your commenting on. Pain and suffering are part of our physical life on earth. My faith in Christ helps me cope with my pain and not just give up. I hope someday to get back to the thing that brings me so much pleasure, fly fishing.
I would love to help you understand what Christ has done for you. Feel free to contact me.

courageous commitment to loving and living life in the fullest terms. Amen

Fishing is in my blood, it keeps me balance and alert, with quick reflex. I am 72+ and still ride the high waves. Yes I will keep on fishing until God sends me a summon.

I'm glad everyone has enjoyed this pucture as much I as I have.. It was a awesome morning fishing and I'm so glad I captured this picture, so I can keep this memory forever.

I have to tell you that we have all studied this picture and we are convinced that it is one of our family members. Did you happen to get his name?

No I did not.. I wish I did though it was a really neat scene and I will never forget it! Where is you family member from? He he married and does he have a young black lab?

This is a photo of my father while he visited his sister in Tennessee. This was not his walker. But he knew he had limits. He passed away Dec 7, 2013. RIP William D Tweet

Can I just say how much this photo truly moves me? This is all about not letting anything getting in the way of what we feel we were born to do.... beautiful photo, KNelson. Good eye for capturing the moment.

I can only pray that I will also be allowed to spend my last days fishing even if I have to do it this way. This really is a true fisherman.

This picture is stunning. It shows a die hard fisherman that doesn't let age or constraints slow him down. LOVE this picture :-)

If you have ever fished the Caney fork, and seen the fog roll in and out each morning, it is something you will never forget and you will take it with you wherever you go in life. This is a place that calls to you no matter where you are, or how old you are and this man is the true example of that! It is a true connection to this river that is remarkable! We have moved, the only thing we will miss as much as my family is the Caney! Kendra--- I hope you win this!!!! and I cant BELIEVE the four of us have never been fishing together!!!!!

That's awesome-that's me someday. I to am a die hard fisherman. We I was 9 years old my Dad said we are going fishing on Saturday. I was stoked. I was getting ready in the days before the fishing trip. Saturday comes and it's raining-raining a lot I still wanted to go. My Dad said "you can't fish in the rain" Yes we can! one thing lead to another and I was in my room for the rest of the day. I'm 53 now and I do fish in the rain, snow, the heat, the cold with a cast on my arm etc. So I know that this guy is a long life die hard fisherman. right on keep on fishing.

I hope I'll have this strength... A master of the art, unlimited respect. Greetings from Italy

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