Chatting dry fly fishing with the experts

Join us this Wednesday for a live Q&A about all things dry fly fishing
Students and instructors at The School of Trout
Students and instructors at The School of Trout (photo: Tim Romano).

If you’re looking for an angler to query with dry fly fishing questions, or if you’re in search of a dry-fly expert, you might consider seeking an audience with School of Trout founder Todd Tanner. In the roughly three decades I’ve been a fly angler, two of those three in the “business” of fly fishing, I’ve yet to meet another angler more singularly focused on the art of dry fly fishing than Tanner.

To put it mildly, Tanner is obsessed, having spent more than 30 years walking the banks of the famed Henry’s Fork — one of the most challenging dry fly fisheries on the planet — hunting noses, attempting to bend the river’s simple-minded yet confoundingly selective creatures to his will through trickery. While acknowledgment of Tanner’s preoccupation may be as much a call for intervention as it is a compliment, it is also unquestionably an endorsement of his knowledge and experience.

Tanner brings that same passion to his fly fishing school. Founded in 2018, The School of Trout is home to one of the—if not the—most respected curriculums of its kind for anglers looking to hone their skills. While the school’s Tao of Trout class covers all manner of trout fishing tactics, including nymphing and streamer fishing, the school also holds an annual class, simply titled the Dry Fly Class, dedicated solely to fooling fish with floating flies. Over the years, other talented instructors have joined Tanner at the annual dry fly class, including household names like Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis, acclaimed casting instructor John Juracek, world-champion angler Jeff Currier, and iconic guide Brant Oswald.

This coming Wednesday, March 15 at 8:00 PM EST, Hatch Magazine will host a live Q&A streaming event where we’ll give attendees the chance to pose queries to several School of Trout instructors—namely Rosenbauer, Juracek, and Tanner—and have them answered in real time. Hosted by regular Hatch Magazine columnist and co-author (along with Kirk Deeter) of the new book The Little Black Book of Fly Fishing, Chris Hunt, the forum will allow anglers to glean dry fly intelligence from some of the discipline’s most knowledgeable sources.

The event will be hosted simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, allowing anglers to attend and participate in the Q&A through their platform of choice.

Questions will be selected both in advance of the event and live during the Q&A, including both follow-ups and new queries. Those who are interested in submitting their questions in advance can do so here or by sending us a note via our contact form. All questions are welcome—whether on dry fly fishing tactics and strategies, rigging and gear, fly selection, casting, or just general curiosities.

Though we're not currently limiting attendance for this week's live Q&A, you can RSVP or subscribe to the event here (Facebook) or here (YouTube).


Will the Dry Fly Q&A on 3/15 be recorded for later viewing?

Yes, Christine, it will. We'll post links to the recording after the broadcast.