If you're a regular reader of one of my favorite fishing blogs, Gink and Gasoline, then you already know that Louis Cahill and Kent Klewein continue to spew out interesting, entertaining posts from their seemingly endless supply of fishing tips, stories, videos, fly recipes and more. That Louis guy, whose photos seem be on the cover of every fly fishing magazine that shows up at my house these days, ain't too bad behind the lens either. G+G's latest tidbit shows anglers how to remove that hook you'll inevitably drive into your own or an angler buddy's skin, and how to do it right.

The whole how to is presented in video form, which you can see just above. And to be clear, the presentation won't leave anything to your imagination as to how this hook removal theory will apply to a real life hook-in-arm situation. G+G's Louis Cahill takes a hook in the arm not once, but twice, in order to provide a proper test subject for Kent Klewein's removal demonstration.

Be sure to check it out. I've yet to drive a hook into my own or someone else's flesh past the barb, but I know it's coming. Now that I know that hook can be removed without in-the-field mutilation, the whole thing seems considerably less problematic. Watch the video above, read the original post and otherwise check out Gink and Gasoline. It's what your fishing blog wants to be when it grows up.