Felt Soul Media, at it again
Denali - felt soul media
Image credit: Felt Soul Media

We've made no secret of the fact that Felt Soul Media has spent the better part of the last decade making some of our favorite films. Some of these films, like Red Gold and DamNation, are important and have shined a bright light on some of the most pressing issues facing our fisheries (and more). Others, like Eastern Rises which remains the best fishing film ever made, are just plain fun. But whether serious or playful, Felt Soul Media's films are always captivating, beautifully filmed and without so much as hint of the disingenuous. And so, when given a chance to share their work, we rarely pass it up.

The latest from FSM, Denali, is a short film that focuses on friendship. According to Ben Knight, half of the normal FSM duo bookended by Travis Rummel and the only one of the pair involved in this film, Denali involved "stepping way the hell outside of [their] comfort zone." After a watch, you'll see why.

The film was an official selection at both the Mountain Film Festival and the 5 Point Film Festival and was recently selected as one of Vimeo's Staff Picks. Unlike most of of FSM's other products, Denali isn't about fishing or even fishing related. But, if you've ever loved, well, anything — it's well worth soaking up.

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