Bryan Gregson
A self portrait (photo: Bryan Gregson).

Another year has passed, and passed too quickly. I suppose the upcoming year will go by even faster. I've been fortunate, lucky and very humbled the past 365 days. To continue to see and capture the world through my own eyes is a dream turned reality.

I lived out of packs for 22 of the 52 weeks that I attempted to live. I observed many things outside the small box I live in. The more I travel the more I realize how much I take for granted, how much I really don't know, how much I don't need, how much time I waste on the meaningless, how many stereotypes are wrong, how many insignificant things are given great value too, and how much a single drop of water is worth.

I grew and I made too many mistakes along the way. I learned the hard way more than I'd like to admit. I was taught lessons. I could have been more compassionate, caring and understanding. I could have used my voice to be heard a little louder. I lost too many friends and too many loved ones.

Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard
Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard on location in the remote Andes Mountains for an upcoming conservation film titled Finding Fontinals (photo: Bryan Gregson).

I saw desperation in the poor, I saw fearful communities turn to hate. I witnessed how greed consumes and drugs control. I watched the media spread propaganda, governments sell fear and religions preach war. I read of inconceivable horrors, I saw the world weep, I saw bombing for peace. I viewed first hand the damage we've globally caused to our Forests and our Oceans. I watch corporations sell, destroy and extract the Earth for money and a justification, and we let them. I saw the world being shoveled panic by the bucket load.

Miss Bee
Called a Miss Bee because it has no sting and itch. It's know to many that the honey has medicinal properties, which is credited the ability to cure diseases such as cataracts and conjunctivitis in the eyes as well as gastritis, heartburn and anemia. Bolivia (photo: Bryan Gregson).

I also saw brotherly and sisterly love. I observed strangers going out of their way to help another. I viewed people feeding another to give life. I witnessed a foreigner lifting another's spirit with compassion. I watched people pushing themselves to the very brink and beyond to enhance their only life. I saw a neighbor's driveway being shoveled; it's the little big things. I read of sacrifice, witnessed understanding and forgiveness. I saw bravery and I observed courage. I saw hope and the power it has.

Tsimane Girl, Bolivia
A portrait of a strong young woman from the remote Tsimane Village. Amazon Jungle, Bolivia (photo: Bryan Gregson).

I was helped so many times from my family and friends and also many strangers. I was encouraged. I was fed motivation. I was sacrificed for. I was put ahead of others. I was given to. I was understood. I was cared about and loved. I was shown compassion and understanding. I was amazed and inspired. I saw so many great and wonderful moments last year, how fantastic.

Bolivian Golden Dorado
TK (Tom Kersbergen) is a Kamchatka and Chile guide and Yellow Dog Flyfishing's utility guy. Shown here with a cheek full of coco leaves and a cantankerous Golden Dorado (photo: Bryan Gregson).

The World is passing me by and the World is changing, even if I don't like it. This year, just like the years before them, my goal is challenge myself to be better, to do better and to leave the place better than I found it, whenever that mysterious expiration day may be.

I was very lucky in 2014. Thank you to all that supported me, hello the unpainted canvas of 2015. Don't wait to live.

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