When everything comes up carp, embrace it

The teflon fish offers a challenging, entertaining departure from coldwater species
Urban carp fishing in between Minnesota's Twin Cities (photo: Martin Ludden).

You know how they used to say that only cockroaches and coyotes will survive the end of the world brought on by a nuclear exchange? I’m thinking we ought to add carp to the list.

Sage introduces the new R8 CORE fly rod lineup

Sage's newest flagship fly rod series is here, backed by major technological advancements
Photo: Sage Fly Fishing.

You’ve probably heard us quote our good friend, frequent contributor, and School of Trout “headmaster” Todd Tanner by stating that the true hallmark of a great fly rod is one that “disappears in your hand,” a rod that is so intuitive and tuned to your angling, that you barely notice it’s there. It seems that iconic rod maker Sage, who this week introduced its latest flagship rod, the R8 CORE, is in agreement.

Sage teases new R8 CORE fly fishing rods

The iconic Bainbridge Island rod maker's next big thing is here. Well, almost.
Photo: Far Bank Enterprises.

The world of fly fishing is no stranger to new fly rod releases from Sage. There may be no brand that makes more of an effort to keep its lineup of offerings fresh and new than the Bainbridge Island, Washington-based rod maker. Most new rod releases (for all rod makers, not just Sage), however, are born solely new of designs—whether new rod tapers, new models tuned towards specific fishing applications, new componentry, or so on. They aren't the product of major advancements in materials or other technologies.

Review: Petzl TACTIKKA+RGB headlamp

We put Petzl's hunting and fishing headlamp to the test
Photo: Johnny Carrol Sain

Outdoor lighting options for backcountry adventures were limited back in the day. For illuminating a campsite, my family leaned heavily on a green Coleman kerosene-fueled lantern with its wispy-webbed mantles and clanking handle. Despite its cantankerous temperament (which often led to Dad sharing his colorful vocabulary with the moon and stars) and knowing there was the slim possibility of camp-consuming fireball, the comforting hiss of a pump-primed Coleman is still one of my favorite lullabies from childhood.

How to drink your way through the fishing day: Alabama Gulf Coast

Your guide to the best food and drink on the Alabama coast
OSO at Bear Point Harbor in Orange Beach, Alabama (photo: Chris Hunt).

You’re not supposed to fall in love with the first place you visit on a fishing trip. And you’re especially not supposed to fall in love with a kitschy chain joint, but when the stack of fried green tomatoes appears on the table, you roll with it and you go with your heart.