Going ultra-thin for a better Euro-nymphing rig

"Thinning out" your mono-rig can pay big dividends when Euro-nymphing
Photo: George Daniel.

The fly-fishing systems we employ should draw on our knowledge and streamside experience. The system described below, which focuses on using ultra-thin mono to build a Euro-nymphing rig, was developed based on those two criteria. Everyone’s knowledge and experiences—as well as the water types we each fish—differ, so take what you read below and apply it to your fisheries accordingly. Hopefully, you’ll find a bit of information that helps you with your journey towards becoming a more effective Euro-nymphing angler.

5 go-to flies for March

Dependable, longtime performers for your spring fishing pursuits
Photo: Chris Hunt

If you’re living along the Eastern Seaboard, particularly in the Southeast or in the mid-Atlantic region, March Madness isn’t just about basketball. The redbuds and dogwoods are “almost there,” and Appalachian brook trout streams are eminently fishable, if not just a couple of weeks away from ideal.

Restoring Utah's Fish Creek

Funds from Utah's "Cutthroat Slam" program are helping to fuel conservation initiatives around the state
Photo: A Bonneville Cutthroat Trout from Utah's Fish Creek (photo: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources).

The Utah Cutthroat Slam launched in 2016 with the goal of raising money to improve cutthroat fisheries throughout the state. Of course, a secondary goal was to introduce anglers to the West’s native trout, four subspecies of which call some of Utah’s most scenic waters home.

New fly fishing gear: March 2023

With fishing season right around the corner, a bevy of new gear is about to hit fly shop shelves
Photo: Orvis.

It’s almost spring and fly fishers are prepping for a new season on the water. Predictably, manufacturers are launching new product lines and anglers in need of gear upgrades are going to have plenty of choices to make. From wading boots to travel luggage to attire, the industry’s leading manufacturers are coming in hot with new products that might feel like must-have stuff for 2023.

Chatting dry fly fishing with the experts

Join us this Wednesday for a live Q&A about all things dry fly fishing
Students and instructors at The School of Trout (photo: Tim Romano).

If you’re looking for an angler to query with dry fly fishing questions, or if you’re in search of a dry-fly expert, you might consider seeking an audience with School of Trout founder Todd Tanner. In the roughly three decades I’ve been a fly angler, two of those three in the “business” of fly fishing, I’ve yet to meet another angler more singularly focused on the art of dry fly fishing than Tanner.