Invasive brook trout return to Soda Butte Creek

The National Park Service will once again apply piscicide to kill all fish in the creek in another effort to rid Soda Butte of nonnative species
Fisheries biologists on Soda Butte Creek (photo: NPS).

One step forward, two steps back. In what has to be a disappointing development for fisheries managers in Yellowstone National Park, non-native brook trout are once again swimming the waters of Soda Butte Creek.

The fish of one cast

During the iconic hex hatch, less is often more
Photo: Tuomo Leino.

My route to the river takes me south and then west, and about halfway through the southern leg I noticed that the sky on the southwestern horizon—where my destination lay, generally—had an ominously dark cast to it. I resisted jumping to any conclusions but a few miles later, after I’d turned due west and the flatlands of central Wisconsin unfurled expansively ahead, that oily smear in the distance resolved into a ragged curtain of rain, a curtain torn at irregular intervals by pale slashes of lightning.

Scott intros new Swing fly rods, built for those who do

Scott's new fly rod series features 14 one- and two-hand models for anglers that swing
Photo: Scott Fly Rods.

As we’ve noted many times when breaking the news about a new fly rod series from the venerated Montrose, CO-based rodmaker, Scott fly rods tend to hang around. That is, the team at Scott tends to bring new rods to market when they’ve built something that they think markedly outperforms what it’s replacing or offers something entirely new, rather than just adhering to a marketing lifecycle calendar. The beloved Radian held onto a spot in Scott’s lineup for the better part of a decade.

Prescription polarized sunglasses are a recipe for fishing success

Modern tech, build quality, and ease of ordering make Rx sunglasses a no-brainer for most anglers
Photo: Costa Sunglasses.

In 1929, Edwin Land changed eyewear forever. And, whether he knew it or not, he gave recreational anglers perhaps their greatest advantage against their fishy quarry outside of maybe the barbed hook or the monofilament line.

Lake trout: An underappreciated target for fly anglers

Fly anglers should take another look at the oft-maligned lake trout
Photo: Chris Hunt

It was just one of those “fishy” places, where two stunning backcountry Alaskan rivers come together and form a river with a much more famous reputation. The two smaller rivers, each running out of fairly substantial lakes higher in the drainage, are largely unknown (at least by their names on the map). Where their currents collide and the “big” river starts is this mishmash of foam and detritus and erratic whirlpools.