The Upper Delaware, one of TU's 10 Special Places (photo: Garth Lenz).

As part of an effort to highlight the potential impacts of natural gas drilling in the eastern states of Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and Ohio, Trout Unlimited recently began revealing its list of "10 Special Places." These 10 places, found in the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions, offer some of the most unique and highest value angling opportunities in the eastern United States.

According to the Trout Unlimited report, "The longstanding sporting tradition in the eastern United States has been a part of the region’s history and culture since colonial times and this heritage still holds true. Today, the central Appalachians’ remote mountains, forest and rivers that have provided abundant fish and wildlife habitat, and attracted generations of sportsmen, are at risk."

TU calls the threat from natural gas development a "big deal," noting that the continuing rush to extract natural gas from far beneath our hunting and fishing lands could "fundamentally alter" these pristine resources.

The group began revealing its list of these 10 Special Places several weeks ago. Already included on the list is the famous Upper Delaware system which spans parts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Maryland's Savage River watershed, the Pine Creek, Genesee, and Allegheny Headwaters Area and Laurel Highlands - both in Pennsylvania, and the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests which spans parts of West Virginia and Virginia.

Each area is revealed through a short video, beautiful photography and a detailed overview which highlights the rich history, hunting and fishing value and threats facing these areas.

Trout Unlimited will reveal the rest of its 10 Special Places over the coming weeks. To see the current list and track the new announcements, visit