The new Tenkara USA Sato.
The new Tenkara USA Sato.

Earlier this month, Tenkara USA announced it would be adding two new rod offerings in time for holiday gift giving. Those two new rods, the Sato and the Rhodo, differ from the other tenkara rods in Tenkara USA's lineup in that they are designed to be fished at three different lengths. Tenkara USA is calling this new feature "triple-zoom" technology.

In regards to the Sato, which is named for a famous mountaineer that is responsible for the first recorded information about Tenkara, Tenkara USA notes, "with several years of design experience under our belt and feedback from our users, we feel we have achieved what we set out to do: give you a rod that is super light-weight, durable, versatile and feels very precise. Plus, we wanted to design a rod that would make it easy to answer "which tenkara rod should I get?" The Sato can be fished at 10’8”, 11’10” or 12’9”.

The Rhodo, named after the Rhododendron plant, is an answer to long-standing tenkara fishermen's requests for a sub-9 foot rod. The Rhodo can be fished at 8’10”, 9’9” or 10’6”.

Both new rods also offer Tenkara USA's new "Keep Your Plug" feature. If you're a tenkara fisherman, you know that it is only a matter of time before you lose your plug (which caps the end of the tenkara rod when the rod is collapsed). Rods with the "Keep Your Plug" feature allow the angler to store his/her plug in the base of the rod's handle, eliminating the problem of disappearing plugs.

Learn more about both new rod models at Tenkara USA.


I have the SATO - only took it out during a lunch break, but I noticed how light it was! I'm looking forward to fishing more with it! And during winter, think of it....No frozen guides. =)