DamNation Film Underwater at the Elwha Dam
DamNation producer and underwater photographer Matt Stoecker prepares to film Chinook salmon trapped below at the site of the since-removed Elwha Dam in Washington. (photo: Travis Rummel)

Since its release at the SXSW film and arts festival in March, DamNation has received a great many accolades and has been awarded several times. From Patagonia, Stoecker Ecological and Felt Soul Media -- the creators of other fishing-related documentaries such as Red Gold, Eastern Rises and Running Down the Man -- DamNation tells the story of the nation's aging, costly and ineffective dam infrastructure and the growing movement of river and habitat restoration through dam removal. On Thursday June 5, Patagonia will host a free screening of DamNation at 23 stores across the United States.

Screenings are scheduled in Patagonia retail stores in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Boulder, Cardiff, Chicago LP, Denver, Freeport, ME, Georgetown, Palo Alto, Pasadena, Portland, OR, Reno, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Seattle, New York City, St. Paul, Ventura, Washington, D.C. and Westport. The screenings are free and open to the public.

The creators of the film, including Patagonia's founder Yvon Chouinard, have been vocal in their opposition to destructive, ineffective dams. In May, they issued a call to the public urging individuals to sign a petition which calls on the Obama administration to tear down ineffective dams, including four dams on the Snake River in Washington. Since that initial call to action, over 25,000 people have signed the petition.

On June 6, DamNation will be available for the first time nationwide on Vimeo On Demand for digital viewing. DamNation will be available to rent for $5.99 and to buy for $9.99.

For a full list of nationwide retail, festival and community screenings, visit damnationfilm.com/screenings.