The School of Trout is back, and bigger, in year two

New classes and instructors debut in 2019
school of trout - pat mccabe
School of Trout instructor Pat McCabe on the Henry's Fork (photo: Todd Tanner).

Most of us try to improve our fishing by spending as much time as we can on the water. We throw ourselves into our angling with all the passion we can muster, and we learn through observation, trial and error, and—if we’re smart—by coaxing a valuable lesson from every single mistake we make. Becoming a better angler, truth be told, is mostly a function of time and patience. Lots of time and patience.

Unfortunately, though, most of us don’t have unlimited free time, or unlimited patience ... so we settle for learning what we can, when we can, and then hope for the best.

That’s why great teachers can make such a huge difference. Not so they can tell you where to fish, or what fly to use. But because most anglers learn as much during a day with an instructor or guide as they do during months of fishing on their own. With truly exceptional instructors, a fly fisher can learn as much as he (or she) might in an entire year of solo angling.

Yet, until recently there wasn’t an exceptional fly fishing school where passionate anglers could sign on for an entire week; where they could talk to, and learn from, the finest instructors in the world. At least that was the inspiration behind the School of Trout, which held its inaugural classes last year on the famed Henry’s Fork in Idaho.

Though it doesn’t come cheap—a week at the School of Trout will run you about as much as a trip to Alaska—you can spend time on one of the finest rivers in America and learn from some of the world’s most acclaimed fly fishing instructors.

school of trout
School of Trout students learning on the Henry's Fork in Idaho (photo: Todd Tanner).

The School of Trout is offering two classes in 2019. The week-long “Basic Trout” class, which will be held on the Henry’s Fork this October, features fly fishing icons like Tom Rosenbauer, Bob White, Kirk Deeter, Tim Romano, Hilary Hutcheson, John Juracek and Craig Mathews. This is the class for people who want to develop a rock-solid angling foundation, and who truly want to learn from the best of the best. The Basic Trout class will take place at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork and will be limited to a dozen students.

There’s also a shorter “Dry Fly” class for more advanced anglers. That class, which is limited to ten students, will take place at the end of August, also on the Henry’s Fork. The dry fly class features exceptional instructors like John Juracek, Jeff Currier, Pat McCabe and Steve McFarland.

Potential students are invited to look over the school’s website and then, if they like what they see, apply for a spot online. If you know someone who would enjoy learning from the most respected anglers in the world, be sure to have them visit

I should also mention that Hatch Magazine is sponsoring one partial scholarship to The School of Trout—appropriately named “the Hatch Scholarship”—in 2019. Details are available on the website.

Hatch Magazine is proud to endorse the School of Trout.