Redington outs two new rod series for 2016

Something fresh for both one and two hand fly casters

Redington has announced two new rod series which it will be adding to its lineup for 2016. Its new additions include the single-hand Hydrogen rods and a new two-handed rod series called the Chromer. Both are slated for availability come August.

Redington is touting its new Hydrogen rods' low weight, calling them the lightest rods in their class. That class, presumably, is the ever-growing and increasingly popular mid range, where anglers continue to find excellent performing rods with premium features at a fraction of the price of most brand's flagship models. And, at an expected price of $299, most would consider the Hydrogen rods to fall in at the lower end of that mid range.

The Hydrogen rods are described to have a medium-fast action that Redington calls particularly well suited to trout anglers. According chief designer Paul Richardson, Redington "fine-tuned [its] medium-fast action and used the lightest weight components available in the design of the Hydrogen to give anglers incredible performance for trout angling."

Redington Hydrogen Fly Rod
The new Redington Hydrogen.

The series includes eight models in all, three of which are nymphing models that feature a softer tip. All models have a matte grey finish, single-foot guides, a skeletonized reel seat and a half-wells grip.

In its new Chromer series, Redington brings five new spey models and three new switch models to the market. Redington also continues its experimentation with non-traditional polymer grips that began with its successful Vapen series of single-handed rods. Instead of a full polymer grip, however, the Chromer rods feature upper and lower "pinch grip" sections that combine with a traditional cork handle. The goal of these pinch grip sections, according to Redington, is to help provide "easy running line management during spey casts and added comfort during long days on the water."

Redington Chromer Fly Rod
The new Redington Chromer.

Redington isn't saying much about the action/casting style of its new handers, other than noting that they have "refined, premium actions to suit a variety of casting styles." The Chromer series rods will retail for $399.


Wondering about the Chromer. According to the Redington website, it's a faster action rod than the Dually and Prospector. Wondering how that will cast/feel. Giant broomstick?